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We have a new website section! We've brought together some brands that we love to help you cut down on plastic and waste in your kitchen. There are stylish glass water bottles, loose produce bags, fabric napkins, reusable straws and lots of kitchen accessories for you to discover!  

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Big sandwich bag - Alterosac

These cotton sandwich bags are lined with an...

Small pouch for loose items - KUFU

Say hello to the KUFU small pouch for loose...

Large bowl cover – Alterosac

This large bowl cover is ideal for your bigger...

"Kois" drinking bottle - Soulbottles

You'll take to this bottle just like a fish to...

Batch of pouches for loose items - KUFU

Zero waste practical and colourful groceries?...

Washable kitchen roll – Alterosac

Made from Oeko-Tex certified fabric, this...

"The sky is not the limit" drinking bottle - Soulbottles

This zero-waste drinking bottle features an...

Linen tea bag – Alterosac

This reusable linen tea bag lets you drink as...

Small bowl cover – Alterosac

Perfect for covering bowls and small dishes,...

Linen coffee filter – Alterosac

Another essential item for your zero-waste...
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Large pouch for loose items - KUFU

These colourful and designed KUFU pouches for...

"Drink responsibly" drinking bottle - Soulbottles

Fill this bottle with water, and all the...

Medium bowl cover – Alterosac

The perfect solution to cover your bowls and...

Bread bag - KUFU

The ultimate accessory for your Zero-waste...

"You're right" drinking bottle - Soulbottles

Feeling thirsty? Why not take a drink from a...

Shopping bag - KUFU

Make your Zero-waste groceries easier with...

"Just Breathe" drinking bottle - Soulbottles

Every Soulbottle is simply irresistible! Isn't...

Baguette bag – Alterosac

Made from organic linen, this bag is perfect...

Cleaning cloths - KUFU

We love these multi-function house wipes made...
From €3.00

Black bottle holder - Soulbottles

A stylish way to protect your Soulbottle!  

Grocery mesh bag – Alterosac

Don't go shopping or to the market without...
From €9.50

"Soulsailor" drinking bottle - Soulbottles

How could you resist this fun and fantastical...

Turquoise green glass straw - Soulbottles

Soulbottles doesn't just make beautiful...

Transparent glass straw - Soulbottles

Make drinking more fun with this beautiful...