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Care for your face the natural way! Here you'll find all our solid cosmetics and sustainable accessories to look after your face without creating waste.

Learn more about our solid make-up remover, solid facial cleansers and cocoa butters, natural scrub stone, and our legendary washable cleansing wipes. You can use these products separately...

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Solid facial cleanser – dry & sensitive skin

Does your skin feel dry or tight? Does it look...
12 Review(s)

Solid facial cleanser – combination & oily skin

This little cloud belongs in your bathroom –...
19 Review(s)
Solid facial cleanser –...
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Solid facial cleanser – normal skin

If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, you can...
16 Review(s)

Solid make-up remover

Certified COSMOS Organic, our solid make-up...
24 Review(s)

Pink organic solid cocoa butter

Now you can enjoy one of your favourite...
24 Review(s)
Coffret de 10 lingettes démaquillantes lavables fabriqué en France
  • -€3.50

Set of 10 washable cleansing wipes made in France

Our cleansing wipes were the very first...
13 Review(s)
€11.08 €14.58

Bare it all duo

Two essential products for your zero-waste...
2 Review(s)

Soft skin duo

A low-price duo for a high-performance daily...
5 Review(s)

Natural scrub stone

Treat yourself to a moment of me-time with our...
6 Review(s)

Solid shaving bar

You can use me without a shaving brush. I...
7 Review(s)
Set of 20 washable...
  • -€5.10

Set of 20 washable cleansing wipes

You can use a single cleansing wipe over 300...
15 Review(s)
€15.73 €20.83
Refill set of 10 washable...
  • -€2.00

Refill set of 10 washable cleansing wipes

Do you love our cleansing wipes so much that...
19 Review(s)
€6.25 €8.25

Gentle Cleansing Duo

Limited edition! This pretty box contains a...
4 Review(s)
10 washable cleansing wipes...
  • -€3.50

10 washable cleansing wipes set – 10th birthday limited...

Our washable cleansing wipes and their box...
1 Review(s)
€11.08 €14.58

Close Shave Duo

Our Close Shave Duo lets you create a...
1 Review(s)

Solid cocoa butter with baobab oil and frangipani

Our solid cocoa butter is handmade in France,...
74 Review(s)