Our zero waste figures

At Lamazuna, our goal has always been to reduce waste. Here are a few figures that show just how much waste we've already avoided thanks to our solid cosmetics !

To calculate these figures and provide this information, we worked on the basis of some simple equations:

  • 1 solid shampoo = 2 bottles of liquid shampoo
  • 1 cocoa butter = 2 jars of cream
  • 1 shaving bar = 2 cans of shaving foam
  • 1 solid toothpaste = 2 tubes of toothpaste
  • 1 solid deodorant = 2 deodorant sticks

So, when you have to choose between solid cosmetics and the conventional version , the choice is clear!

Every three months, we update our zero waste figures on our website :)

Recycling our toothbrush heads and cleansing wipes with TerraCycle

We decided to obtain a TerraCycle Zero Waste Box to ensure that our used toothbrush heads and cleansing wipes are perfectly recycled. Below, you'll find a pre-paid label that you can print out and stick onto an envelope, so you can send us your used products for recycling – for free! A minimum quantity is required: send at least 3 toothbrush heads or 7 cleansing wipes each time.

Make sure you only send us Lamazuna toothbrush heads (not from any other brand)! :)

Our pre-paid label is available here!

When you use the pre-paid label, you don't have to put a stamp on your envelope! However, please make sure that the envelope is bigger than the label. The label will fit on a standard-size envelope (110 x 155 mm) and the envelope must not weigh more than 20 grams. It should contain at least 3 toothbrush heads or 7 cleansing wipes.

How does TerraCycle work?

An in-house R&D (research & development) team develops recycling solutions that will go on to be applied locally. Once TerraCycle has amassed a sufficient quantity of waste, it works with a local recycler to recycle it. TerraCycle works with several recyclers, depending on the type of waste stream and waste.

How does TerraCycle recycle our products?

For our toothbrushes, the nylon bristles are separated from the plastic base. The nylon will be recycled into insulation materials for electrical applications in particular. As for the plastic, it's ground then washed. The small pieces are agglomerated with plastics of the same type. These mixtures will then be extruded into small plastic granules and go back into the secondary raw materials market or be sold directly to manufacturers of plastic items, such as outdoor furniture (tables, benches, etc.). For example, TerraCycle works with the company uBin to make recycling bins from recycled plastic.For more information, visit the TerraCycle website.