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Zero-waste shaving care

Why switch to zero-waste shaving?

According to French news and media website consoGlobe, 11 million disposable razors are sold every day in the world! When all the used razor blades, packaging, cans of shaving foam, etc. are taken into account, "disposable shaving" generates around 20,000 tons of waste every year in France. So switching to zero-waste shaving can do a lot to help the planet!

Zero-waste shaving also saves you money! A safety razor lasts a lifetime, while our solid shaving bar, made with naturally derived ingredients, lasts longer than a can of shaving foam!

Discover our razor made from French oak wood and our solid shaving bar made with shea butter.

  • Close Shave Duo
  • Safety razor & 10 blades set Online only -€4.90
  • Blades for safety razor
  • Safety razor
  • Solid shaving bar
  • Zero-waste shaving set Online only -€4.50
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