What is a skin type?

The surface of the skin is covered by a hydrolipidic film, which is a mixture of sweat, sebum and dead cells. It protects the skin against environmental aggressors and forms its first line of defence. The quality of the hydrolipidic film plays an important role in the condition of your skin and can affect your skin type (oily, combination, normal or dry). A visual and tactile examination should enable you to determine your skin type.

What is oily skin?

The main characteristic of oily skin is excess sebum.
- What does it look like? The complexion is often dull and shiny. The skin surface may be uneven, pores may be dilated, and you're also likely to see blackheads and whiteheads.
- What does it feel like? Thick and greasy.
IMPORTANT: oily skin may look dehydrated as a result of over-cleansing with harsh skin care products.


We recommend using our solid facial cleanser for combination & oily skin, with its delicious grapefruit scent, once a day. It removes impurities and excess sebum, while grapefruit – which has natural astringent properties – helps to tighten pores and leave skin looking clearer.

What about dry skin?

Dry skin lacks oil – which can be due to a weak hydrolipidic film.
- What does it look like? The skin may look "papery" and taut. You might also see red patches. Dry skin can sometimes feel uncomfortable or tight.
- What does it feel like? Dry skin tends to feel thin and rough, and lacks suppleness.


Dry skin and sensitive skin need gentle skincare products that won't have a damaging effect. Our solid facial cleanser for dry & sensitive skin is perfect! It leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished, and doesn't leave a greasy residue.

How can you tell if you have combination skin?

If your skin has characteristics of both dry and oily skin, then you must have combination skin!
- What are the features of this skin type? Excess sebum in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), while other areas of the face are dry.


-> Begin your daily beauty ritual by gently and deeply cleansing the T-zone with the solid facial cleanser for combination & oily skin. Follow with the solid facial cleanser for dry & sensitive skin all over the face to wake up your skin and give it a radiance boost!

What is normal skin?

Normal skin is well-balanced skin that doesn't suffer from any particular problems.
What are the features of this skin type? No dryness, no excess sebum, and skin feels generally comfortable.


It's important to cleanse your face regularly to rid it of impurities (pollution, dirt, dust, etc.) and help keep it clear. Morning and/or evening, take the solid facial cleanser for normal skin, moisten the cloud, rub it gently over wet skin, then rinse off. Your face will look fresher and more radiant!

Beauty tip for all skin types

Now and again, apply cocoa butter to your face to help strengthen the hydrolipidic film. It melts on contact with your skin, leaves it feeling silky soft, and helps to prevent dehydration!