Go zero waste with Lamazuna!

Laëtitia, the founder of Lamazuna, embarked on her zero-waste journey ten years ago, when she had a brilliant idea: why use disposable cotton pads every day when you could replace them with a washable, reusable alternative? And why stop there? Lamazuna's main objective is to share its vision of how to be zero waste in the bathroom, but also beyond... It's about showing you how you can rethink your lifestyle and adopt a completely new one!

In the space of ten years, the brand has grown – a lot! We now have 47 employees, all of them dedicated to making our planet a greener, more ethical place. And to help make this happen, we've launched lots of zero-waste beauty products and accessories: shampoos, toothpastes, skincare products, a safety razor, the Oriculi, etc.

Beyond our products, we do other things to help the environment! We plant trees in Peru and France (6,774 to date). Every time we sell a set of our Mochi-Mochi fabric handkerchiefs, we give one euro to the Surfrider Foundation. Every month, we donate 500 euros to a non-profit organization.

Over 30 million items of waste have been avoided since Lamazuna was created! We're very proud of this achievement – but there's still more to be done. That's why we have no intention of stopping! And that's why we're diversifying our product offering

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Why does Lamazuna want to go beyond personal care products?

We're the leading zero-waste brand in France, and we've worked hard to achieve this. Our challenge has always been to find new and better solutions to meet your everyday needs. This involves lots of follow-up and feedback, so we can improve on and develop better products. And, if necessary, create new ones!

We owe a lot to our wonderful R&D team, who are always ready to move heaven and earth for you, our customers. And we'd like to thank you, of course, for choosing us and helping us to build a more positive future!

Zero waste is a lifestyle

It means changing the way you consume and the way you live. It's not a trend, but a way of shaping your life around your values. It means giving preference to sustainable, high-quality products that are produced in good working conditions and use as little transport as possible.

It's a way of living that goes against many modern consumption habits – although attitudes are gradually changing. For example, it means avoiding plastic and using other materials instead, such as glass or bamboo – anything that can be kept, reused or recycled!

Embracing a zero-waste lifestyle also means putting a stop to overconsumption and not constantly chasing after more than what you really need. Being content with what you have. For example, do you really need yet another pair of shoes when your wardrobe is already full of them?

Zero waste means thinking about things differently so you can reduce your impact on the planet – and maybe even have a positive one!This is what we are trying to do. And because all good habits start at home, every new Lamazuna employee receives a zero-waste kit so they immediately get a sense of our approach. You don't have to be a zero-waste pro to join us or share our values. On the other hand, these zero-waste values bond us together. We apply them to everything we do, every day. And they make the Lamazuna team a zero-waste family !

Taking zero waste beyond the bathroom

We've often said that the bathroom is the best room to begin with if you want to start living a zero-waste lifestyle. It's a room that's full of waste and polluting products. But "consuming better" doesn't stop with the bathroom. It's valid for the entire house and the entire family. It's something you can apply to everything, everyone (including your children!) and everywhere (like the office!). If you want more proof, just look at Lamazuna!

You'll find an increasing number of zero-waste products on the market today. These include household and beauty products, accessories and decorations – and the packaging itself. And now it's so much easier to treat someone to a zero-waste gift!

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There are zero-waste alternatives to many of the products we use every day (or less often). If you can't find an alternative, then it's probably a product you don't really need! Lamazuna wants to help you adopt a zero-waste approach every day, and that's why we've decided to diversify our product offering so it's no longer limited to products you'll find in the bathroom!

A selection of new products every month

Making your zero-waste life easier!

Our range has grown over the past ten years, and every month we introduce real zero-waste alternatives, with new products! For example, one of the new ranges on our website comes from a brand with similar values, called Hydrophil. You can read all about the brand in the Hydrophil article on our blog!

By sharing these products and brands with you, we hope to make your zero-waste life easier! We've already mentioned this many times, but it takes more effort to be a green consumer than to buy regular products. With this in mind, we wanted – at least – to save you time spent on searching by bringing together a wide range of products, which meet our strict criteria, on our website. With a little help from our labels, you can be sure of the quality and origin of your products.

Discover 100% zero-waste brands that we love!

Extending our product offering meant finding brands that we believed in, so we went digging for little gems – and we unearthed some! If you look hard enough, you'll find there are lots of brands out there that really care about the environment – whether they're selling cosmetic products or ethical fashion, or something else!

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These brands are selected according to the criteria that we apply to our own products, and many of them carry the same labels. But what are these criteria? It can be things like using sustainable and vegan materials, or carrying a label such as GOTS, Fairtrade, Fair Wear Foundation, etc. Clothing items must be made with water-based dyes that are OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified, to ensure they're environmentally friendly.

You can buy from us in complete confidence, in the knowledge that our "partner" brands believe fully in our values. In fact, they're often brands that we'd already heard of at Lamazuna, or even ones that we use every day!

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Zero-waste values? They're just common sense!

When it comes down to it, zero waste means going back to what makes sense. Or, to be more precise, no longer buying things if there is no sense in buying them – or things that have little purpose. Being zero waste is about going back to basics, being content with what you have, not always wanting more. It doesn't mean depriving yourself, but changing the way you consume so that you always put the planet first.

Marketers would have us believe that we can't be happy if we don't possess the latest gadgets. But is happiness really about owning things? Surely happiness can be found in the simplest of things? Like being with your family or friends, to enjoy spending time with the people you love. Or going for a long walk in nature to take in the beauty around you.

There are so many products made with synthetic materials and chemical ingredients that are constantly being thrown at us – and yet nature has so much to offer! Whether you're looking for a product to care for your skin or hair, or something for your home (or something else), you can often find exactly what you need made with natural ingredients. Doing things that make good sense – now that's something we believe in!

Every week, you'll find theme-based articles on our zero-waste blog

In addition to offering products on our website, we share articles with you on our blog. Every week, we bring out an article on a specific theme. It's often through these articles that we introduce other brands that we love, or new products. We regularly share zero-waste tips and advice too, so you can enrich your knowledge!

For example, we've written about topics such as how to reduce waste, how to organize a zero-waste wedding or birthday, or how to go back to school the zero-waste way! We've even talked about zero-waste beauty routines. Again, what we're trying to do is help make your zero-waste life easier. You'll find everything you need on our website. So, once a week, get your reading head on and check out our latest article!