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In addition to our solid cosmetics, we also have a range of sustainable, essential, zero-waste accessories. There's a safety razor made from French oak wood, Oriculis that are either bio-based or made from French beech wood, a nail file made in France with stone from the Pyrenees, our amazing bathroom organisers, and even a few furoshikis, which are perfect for zero-waste...

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Natural stone nail file

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4 large Mochi-Mochi fabric handkerchiefs

Four organic cotton handkerchiefs made in...
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Safety razor

This safety razor is ideal if you want a...
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Complete zero-waste shaving...
  • -€6.40

Complete zero-waste shaving set

The complete zero-waste shaving set is ideal...
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€51.43 €57.83

4 x "Les Drômois" Mochi-Mochi fabric handkerchiefs

Made from organic cotton, our Mochi-Mochis are...
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Set of 20 washable cleansing wipes

You can use a single cleansing wipe over 300...
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Book "Ma vie sans plastique" Lamazuna

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Wooden Oriculi

A word in your ear... Our new Oriculi made...
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