What are our labels?

One of the ways to reassure you about the quality of our products is to have them certified! You'll find the labels for these certifications on many of our products.

We tell you more about them and what they mean.

The Slow Cosmétique label

Since 2013, the Slow Cosmétique label has been awarded to cosmetic brands in recognition of their overall efforts (formulas, marketing model and claims). It guarantees that the brand offers natural products (at least 95% naturally derived ingredients) that are free of synthetic ingredients and controversial compounds, which may be harmful to your health or the environment. So there are no petrochemicals, plastics, silicones, or controversial ingredients and preservatives. It also guarantees that the prices are an honest reflection of the product's quality, and that the brand has not made any unsubstantiated or misleading marketing claims.

To find out more, visit the Slow Cosmétique website: https://www.slow-cosmetique.us/

The COSMOS Organic label

You probably recognise the "COSMOS Organic" label, which certifies the natural and organic origin of the ingredients in a product. We chose this label for its visibility and credibility, and for its strict standards. A product can only be certified COSMOS Organic if it meets the following criteria:

- 95 to 100% of the total ingredients are naturally derived.

- At least 20% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

- 95% of the total plant ingredients* are organic.

- No petrochemical ingredients (except for authorised preservatives): parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic colourants and fragrances. (The list of authorised ingredients with their maximum dosage is detailed in the COSMOS standard.)

- If palm and palm kernel oil (and their derivatives) are used in the cosmetic products and their ingredients, they must be certified organic or come from certified sustainable sources (CSPO - Certified Sustainable Palm Oil).

- No GMOs or derivatives of GMOs.

* More precisely, these are physically processed** agro-ingredients***

** Examples of physical processes: grinding, maceration, decanting, etc. The form of the ingredient is modified, without modifying its chemical composition.

***Any plant, animal or microbial product derived from agriculture, aquaculture or wild collection/harvesting.

At present, you'll find this label on our two solid cocoa butters, our vanilla-scented solid conditioner, our solid make-up remover, our four solid deodorants (woody, bergamot, marine and floral scents), our detangling & nourishing solid conditioner, our three cold-processed soaps, our four solid perfumes and our three different flavours of toothpaste tabs!

If you want to learn more, you can visit the COSMOS website.

The following Lamazuna products are certified COSMOS Organic

Solid conditioner with a vanilla scent
Solid deodorant for sensitive skin – floral scent
White solid cocoa butter with frangipani
Solid deodorant for sensitive skin – marine scent
Pink solid cocoa butter
Solid deodorant – woody scent
Solid make-up remover
Solid deodorant with bergamot & geranium
Solid conditioner
detangling & nourishing care
Our four solid perfumes:
Audacious, Impetuous, Mysterious, Mischievous
Gentle cold-processed soap

Nettle & mint toothpaste tabs

Invigorating cold-processed soap
Wild mint toothpaste tabs
Relaxing cold-processed soap
Ginger & lemon toothpaste tabs

The GOTS label

The GOTS label (Global Organic Textile Standard) guarantees that a textile has been produced and processed in an environmentally friendly manner. It also guarantees fair production and working conditions, and that the textile does not contain any hazardous inputs such as toxic heavy metals or aromatic solvents.

The label promotes the use of organic fibres. There are two GOTS label grades, one of which requires a minimum of 95% organic fibres, and the other that requires at least 70% organic fibres.

However, you won't see the GOTS label on our packaging. GOTS certification is granted to a company, and not to individual products, so only a GOTS-certified company is allowed to use the logo on its packaging. Since textiles are not our core business, we have chosen not to apply for GOTS certification for now.

Having said that, our Mochi-Mochis and furoshikis meet the sustainability criteria of the GOTS certification. As for our tie-up bags and mini pouches, we've opted for a different environmental strategy and used upcycled fabrics that were destined for landfill or incineration, giving them a new life!

To find out more, visit the Ecocert website.