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Soap life extender set
  • Soap life extender set
  • Soap life extender set
  • Soap life extender set
  • Soap life extender set

Soap life extender set
3 soap dishes and 1 anti-waste net FREE

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A 4-in-1 set to make your solid cosmetics last longer and help you save money too! 


No more mushy solid cosmetics. No more leftover scraps that make a mess everywhere. Look after your solid cosmetics and you'll be able to use them for even longer!

This 4-in-1 set comprises:

         3 easy-to-use magnetic soap holders that will keep all your solid cosmetics dry and add a decorative touch to your bathroom.

         1 FREE anti-waste soap bag. Put any leftover slivers of soap or shampoo inside so you won't waste a single scrap!

At last, a complete, affordable solution to look after your solid cosmetics and let you get the most out of them from start to finish. We've kept packaging down to a minimum to make as little impact as possible on the planet!

    Everything you need to know !

  • How to use me?

    Attach the suction cup to a clean, dry surface (wall, window pane, edge of a washbasin or bath, etc.).

    Press the metal disc into the middle of your solid product, then simply attach it to the suction cup by magnetism.

    Use your soap bar, solid shampoo, facial cleanser (or any other solid cosmetic!) as usual. You won`t even feel the metal disc in the middle.

    Our magnetic soap holder supports a weight of up to 160g, so you can use it to "hang up" all the Lamazuna products!

    Has your soap or shampoo reached the end of its life?

    Slip the remaining slivers into the anti-waste soap bag and rub it over your body or hair to work up a lather.

    Machine wash at 40°C.

  • My environmental impact

    At Lamazuna, all our products are designed to be zero waste, and we take into account every stage in their life cycle to ensure that they`re as environmentally friendly as possible.

    We couldn`t imagine offering you a magnetic soap holder that wasn`t made in France. So we looked very hard and we found one that was! By selling the magnetic soap holders loose inside a net bag, there`s less packaging, less cardboard, and less waste!

  • How do I maintain myself?

    Clean your magnetic soap holder occasionally, and especially the suction cup, so it adheres to surfaces well.

    Machine wash the anti-waste soap bag at 40°C.

  • Materials

    The metal disc is made in France from stainless steel, so it won`t rust.

    The suction cup is also made in France, from plastic. It`s the only plastic item you`ll find at Lamazuna. We did weigh up this decision carefully and concluded that this solution will make it easier for many people to switch to solid cosmetics, so it will reduce consumption of single-use plastic. 

    The magnet is made in China as, to date, no magnets are made in France, or even in Europe.

    The anti-waste soap bag is made from 100% recycled polyester.

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