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Gentle baby soap
  • Gentle baby soap
  • Gentle baby soap
  • Gentle baby soap

Gentle baby soap
ultra-rich & nourishing

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Cold-processed, the gentle baby soap gently cleanses baby's skin thanks to its three oils with preserved properties. It provides a creamy foam for easy use and rinsing.

Its advantage? Rich in shea butter and white clay, the baby soap effectively nourishes the skin.

Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, it can be used from birth.

Its 100% natural ingredients also make it a gentle soap for pregnant women, sensitive and allergy-prone skin. A soap to use without moderation!

    Everything you need to know !

  • How to use me?

    Use this soap in the same way as any other soap bar!

  • My ingredients


    1.  Shea butter (BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII BUTTER) improves suppleness, moisturises, soothes and relaxes the skin. This butter is added as a «superfatting» ingredient, to make the soap extra-rich and effective.
    2. White clay (KAOLIN) is very gentle on the skin and rich in minerals. It’s ideal for dry and sensitive skin, as well as baby’s skin.
    3. Saponified coconut oil (COCOS NUCIFERA OIL*), saponified grapeseed oil (VITIS VINIFERA SEED OIL) and saponified rapeseed oil (BRASSICA CAMPESTRIS SEED OIL) gently cleanse baby’s skin and produce an exceptional creamy lather, which makes it possible to use the soap on the hair too.
    4. SODIUM HYDROXIDE is essential for saponification – the chemical reaction that creates soap. Without this ingredient, soap cannot be made.
  • Questions(FAQs)

      Est-ce que je peux utiliser le savon dès la naissance de mon bébé ?

      Oui bien sûr, le savon bébé est utilisable sur les nouveau-nés, dès la naissance, comme les autres produits de notre gamme bébé.

      Est-ce que les adultes peuvent aussi utiliser ce savon ?

      Bien sûr ! Ce savon a été conçu pour correspondre à la peau des bébés, il conviendra donc également très bien aux peaux de toute la famille. 

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