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Toothpaste tabs for children
  • Toothpaste tabs for children
  • Toothpaste tabs for children
  • Toothpaste tabs for children

Toothpaste tabs for children

A new, fun way to get your teeth clean! Children aged 8 and over will love brushing their teeth with these practical, fun and eco-friendly toothpaste tabs. And they'll love the strawberry flavour too! Certified COSMOS Organic and formulated with fluoride, they'll keep your breath super fresh fraîche and your teeth sueaky clean ! A fun, innovative format ! A sweet and fruity strawberry flavour - Suitable for children from age 8 upwards

    Everything you need to know !

  • How to use me?

    1 tab = 1 brushing. Crunch, chew, then brush your teeth as usual. One pot contains 120 tabs, so it lasts for 2 mooths when you brush your teeth twice a day

  • My ingredients

    Ingredients that fight dental plaque and clean the teeth:

    Corn starch (ZEA MAYS STARCH*) and an abrasive agent (MICROCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE) to help remove stains from the teeth, for a radiant smile. - A surfactant (SODIUM LAUROYL GLUTAMATE) to clean the teeth and create a foam. - Bicarbonate of soda (SODIUM BICARBONATE), to act as an abrasive and adjust the pH.

    Ingredients for fresh breath and good oral hygiene: bucco-dentaire : - Le SORBITOL et le XYLITOL pour un goût doux et frais sans risque de caries. - L’arôme fraise (AROMA) pour le goût fruité en bouche. - Le fluor (SODIUM FLUORIDE) anti-cariogène. Ingrédient agglomérant : MAGNESIUM STEARATE

  • Questions(FAQs)

      Quel est le taux de fluor de ce dentifrice ?

      Le taux est le même que pour les dentifrices adulte avec fluor soit 1450ppm, comme recommandé par l'UNSBD.

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