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Toothpaste Tabs for children
  • Toothpaste Tabs for children
  • Toothpaste Tabs for children
  • Toothpaste Tabs for children

Toothpaste Tabs for children
Without fluorine

Strawberry flavour

Original, practical and eco-friendly, these toothpaste tabs will keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh. Lots of good reasons to smile! These tabs are fluoride- free, have a sweet, fruity flavour, and can be used by children from age 8! Made with over 95% naturally derived ingredients and certified COSMOS Natural, they contain sodium bicarbonate and silica for their abrasive and whitening properties, to gently clean the teeth. Ideal for everyday use at home, you can take them with you anywhere easily! One box contains 120 tabs, so it lasts for two months when you brush your teeth morning and evening. 

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  • How to use me?

    One tab = one brushing! Chew a tab so it becomes a paste then just brush your teeth as usual!

  • My ingredients

    Active ingredients

    • Sorbitol gives a fresh flavour to the toothpaste and helps to fight tooth decay.
    • Stevia Rebaudiana extract (STEVIA REBAUDIANA LEAF/STEM EXTRACT) gives a pleasant fresh, sweet taste.
    • Sodium bicarbonate has abrasive and antibacterial properties.
    • Hydrated Silica is a gentle abrasive agent that helps to remove plaque and stains.
    • Flavour (AROMA) gives the toothpaste tabs their strawberry flavour.
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