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  • Set of 20 washable cleansing wipes
Set of 20 washable cleansing wipes
  • Set of 20 washable cleansing wipes
  • Set of 20 washable cleansing wipes
  • Set of 20 washable cleansing wipes
  • Set of 20 washable cleansing wipes

Set of 20 washable cleansing wipes
Pink and their washing net

You can use a single cleansing wipe over 300 times, so a set of 20 will let you cleanse your face... over 6,000 times! Perfect if you want both a cleaner face and a cleaner planet!


Our cleansing wipes are made from microfibre a highly absorbent fabric. Make-up clings more readily to microfibre than to the skin :)

    Everything you need to know !

  • How to use me?

    Simply moisten a reusable cleansing wipe with tap water to gently remove make-up. 

    If you tend to wear "tough" waterproof make-up, you can add a drop of make-up remover to finish. Afterwards, rinse the cleansing wipe, so that your cleansing product doesn`t shorten its lifespan.

    Moisten the cleansing wipe, then place it over each eye for two seconds before gently sweeping it over your face. Voilà! That`s all it takes to remove your make-up! There`s no need to rub as much as you would with a cotton pad, as make-up clings to the wipe. 

    After use, you can wash them by hand or machine, using the washing bag provided – over 300 times!

    Tip: if, after a while, your cleansing wipes seem to be less effective, boil them in plain water for 10 to 15 minutes. This will regenerate the fibres, so your wipes will feel like new again!

  • My ingredients

    Made with polyester and polyamide, our reusable cleansing wipes are extremely soft and gentle, so they`re ideal for sensitive skin.

    This set consists of 20 microfibre cleansing wipes made in Spain and cut in France (70% polyester, 30% polyamide), 1 GOTS-certified organic cotton washing bag, made in India, and 1 poplar wood box, made in France. 

    Packaged in France by an ESAT work centre for disabled workers.

    Diameter of wipes: 8 cm

  • My environmental impact

    With 20 washable cleansing wipes, you`ll avoid using 6,000 disposable cleansing cotton pads!

    Our cleansing wipes can be reused over 300 times (simply hand or machine wash). When they`ve reached the end of their life, you can give them to us and we`ll recycle them! You can go to the Recycling section of our website and download a pre-paid label (which you can stick on an envelope), then send us your used wipes for free.

    Good to know: the French postal service is committed to offsetting its carbon emissions. 

  • Questions(FAQs)

      À quelle température laver les lingettes démaquillantes ?

      Nos lingettes peuvent être lavées entre 40 et 90°. Attention, nous conseillons de bien utiliser le filet de lavage afin que les lingettes durant le lavage ne se retrouvent pas dans le filtre de votre machine à laver !

      Quelle est la taille d'une lingette démaquillante lavable ?

      Nos lingettes démaquillantes lavables mesurent 8 cm de diamètre. Ni trop grandes, ni trop petites, juste ce qu'il faut pour vous démaquiller efficacement et en douceur !

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