Zero waste

Lamazuna solid cosmetics: a closer look at our labels and certifications

Zero waste

Our solid cosmetics carry labels and certifications that attest to our commitment to selling environmentally friendly products. When Laëtitia Van de Walle founded Lamazuna, she couldn't imagine doing things any other way. And as the brand has grown, so has our commitment to ethical and ecological values.

Labels and certifications provide additional information about our products for those of you who are already fans of Lamazuna or want to know more about us. Our values have remained unchanged for over ten years. We continue to offer zero-waste solid cosmetics made with naturally derived ingredients, as well as sustainable zero-waste accessories. And recently, we began to also offer eco-friendly products from brands that we love.

On our website, in addition to Lamazuna products, you can now find ethical fashion, zero-waste products for pets, zero-waste accessories for the kitchen and shopping, and a selection of zero-waste products for babies and children!

As for our labels, we have quite a few! Organic, vegan, Slow Cosmétique... While these labels are self-explanatory to a certain extent, there are lots of standards and criteria involved in order to obtain them – and that's where it all gets a bit complicated! So we thought it was about time we told you more about them. That way, you'll have a better understanding of exactly what they mean. But let's begin with a quick reminder of the Lamazuna values!

Ethical values

Zero waste means aiming for zero environmental impact

At Lamazuna, our watchword has always been zero waste. If you follow us, you'll know that we are absolutely, utterly, wholeheartedly dedicated to cutting down waste in any way we can! Our objective is to encourage people to embrace a much cleaner, greener approach to waste. That's why most of our sustainable products are designed to be washable and reusable. We also use high-quality, recyclable or biodegradable materials that will not damage our ecosystem. And we use recyclable packaging, of course!

We've stayed true to our objectives. To this day, we've succeeded in avoiding almost 46 million items of waste! And we hope to do better and better, year after year. We're continuing to develop the Lamazuna brand so we can offer you more and more zero-waste, environmentally friendly products!

Lamazuna has plenty of tips to help you go zero waste:

  • If you'd like to find out more about ways you can cut down on waste, this article (in French!) gives you nine tips to help you on your way!

Maybe you'd like some advice about sorting and recycling waste? If you live in France, you could join the Yoyo community and win points, which can be exchanged for rewards – and some of them might just come from Lamazuna...

famille zéro déchet Lamazuna

Safe, vegan ingredients

It was always important for us to create vegan products and cosmetics, so we've always refused to use animal-derived ingredients. What's the sense in using products to care for yourself if they're made without caring for animals? When we work on the formulas for our solid cosmetics, we insist on using naturally derived, vegan ingredients of plant or mineral origin and, whenever possible, certified organic.

Oriculi bioplastique Lamazuna fabriqué en France

Made (mostly!) in France

If you browse the products on our website, you'll see the "MADE IN FRANCE" cockerel logo below many of them. In one of our recent articles, we talked about our determination to ensure that as many of our products as possible are 100% made in France. All our solid cosmetics are conceived in our offices in Marches, in the Drôme region, then handmade in the south of France.

We hope to soon achieve our 100% Made in France objective. This will also involve making sure that the brands we love and feature on our website make their products either in or very close to France. Our decision to stop selling konjac sponges was based on the fact that this went against our "French" objective, since they came from China...

If you're wondering why this matters so much, the answer is simple: it reduces our greenhouse gas emissions. Less transportation means less pollution! It's also why we always encourage people to buy local if they can!

Naturally derived, organic ingredients

Reducing our carbon footprint from transportation is one way to make our products greener, but we want them to be green in more ways than one! Another way is by always using naturally derived ingredients. Plus, this ensures that they are extremely effective! At Lamazuna, nature is the foundation of everything. After all, doesn't nature know best? Using more natural products is not only good for the planet, but also good for you, because products made with natural ingredients are bursting with benefits for your body and skin. We believe in green beauty – and blue beauty! Have you heard about this sustainable beauty movement? It's all about limiting the damage we inflict on our oceans.

In order to be green (and blue!) we've always used naturally derived ingredients, many of which are organically grown. Lamazuna has been awarded the Slow Cosmétique label, which attests to the ethical nature of our products – in terms of both our natural formulas and the environmental choices we make.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

We're always trying to go even further and do even better. So, in addition to offering solid cosmetics and reusable products, we also strive to reduce packaging as much as possible. You can buy our products wrapped, of course, but you can also (even better!) buy them loose. And when we have to wrap products to ship them, we use recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials. These are all ways to bring our waste down – maybe not quite to zero, but we're not far off!

Read all about the history of Lamazuna!

Label cruelty free and vegan Peta

Our labels and certifications

Cruelty Free and Vegan

No animal testing

There are two parts to this label. "Cruelty Free" speaks for itself. We are only too aware that many – far too many – cosmetic products are tested on animals. This label guarantees that no animal tests were carried out during the development and production of the product. It means that the ingredients, raw materials and the finished product were not tested on animals. Lamazuna has always been 100% committed to cruelty-free.

No animal ingredients

As for the "vegan" part of this label, it indicates that no animal or animal-derived ingredients are used in our formulas. For example, a product that carries the Cruelty Free and Vegan label cannot contain milk, eggs, beeswax, etc.

If you have any doubts about the ingredients in your products, you may be interested to know that PETA has a "Beauty without bunnies" search engine, which enables you to check whether products are cruelty-free and vegan. It's ever so easy: you just enter the name of the brand, and within seconds you'll be told if the company tests on animals. So if you want to fight animal cruelty and you're not sure if a product is tested on animals, this is a simple way to check before you buy it!

Lamazuna agrees to be audited at any time

For a company to carry the Cruelty Free and Vegan label, it must submit to audits. This recognized, official label is awarded by an independent body. In order to use the logo on our products, we agree to undergo audits aimed at ensuring that our products and raw materials comply with the necessary criteria.

Is Lamazuna a Cruelty Free & Vegan brand? Yes!

From day one, we wanted all our products to be cruelty-free and vegan. For us, this is so much more than a selling point; it's about being true to our convictions. By carrying the Cruelty Free and Vegan label, we underline our commitment to protecting animals.

Slow Cosmétique

This label reflects the ethical and environmentally friendly nature of our products

Slow Cosmétique is a movement and organization that wants to put a stop to "cosmetic brainwashing" – when a product is marketed in such a way that consumers believe it's a miracle product. In fact, in most cases, much of the information isn't completely true, and is just being used to push sales. Slow Cosmétique wants to encourage consumers to look for safer, better, more sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives. The idea is to consume "slowly" or, in other words, to think about what you buy before you actually buy it. What is the product? What are the ingredients in it? Is it natural? Etc.

For a product to carry the Slow Cosmétique label, it must be eco-friendly. There are four clear and specific criteria. First of all, there must be no pollution, petrochemicals or synthetic chemicals. Next, ingredients must be natural, organic, and processed as little as possible. Supply chains should be short and, finally, priority given to local production.

An independent organization that guarantees "healthier" cosmetics

Slow Cosmétique is made up of volunteers. Together, they are shaping the cosmetic products of the future – products that are eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable, and made with respect for all living things: humans, plants and animals.

Because Slow Cosmétique is completely independent, it can be absolutely honest and transparent, so consumers have a clear vision of the products they are buying.

shampoing solide Lamazuna labels et certifications

Slow Cosmétique shows that cosmetic products can be smart

Last but not least, the Slow Cosmétique label is awarded to products that are "smart". The idea is that taking care of yourself means understanding your skin's real needs, so you'll use the most suitable products. These products must be gentle on the planet, of course! They shouldn't be packed with countless unnecessary ingredients. All you need are a few effective, naturally derived ones! This is another way of avoiding overconsumption. A smart cosmetic product will address several needs, so you don't have to buy different products for every different skin concern. It all comes down to consuming less, but better, in a way that's beneficial for both your skin and the environment.

Après-shampoing solide labellisé bio COSMOS Organic

Is Lamazuna a Slow Cosmétique brand? Yes!

All our solid cosmetics carry the Slow Cosmétique label.

COSMOS Organic

The COSMOS label was developed by five leading European certification bodies

COSMOS is an internationally recognized standard that enables brands to show that their products have been certified organic and/or natural.

The COSMOS Organic standard requires that:

  • at least 95% of the total plant ingredients are organic
  • at least 20% of the total ingredients are organic (10% for rinse-off products)

Do any Lamazuna products carry the COSMOS Organic label? Yes!

Two of our products are certified COSMOS Organic: our solid cocoa butter and our solid hair conditioner. These products have undergone strict checks, from the ingredients and processing methods to the packaging, in order to obtain this label. So when you purchase them, you know you are buying a product that meets some of the highest organic standards in the world!

What's the difference between the COSMOS Organic label and the COSMOS Natural label?

Both of these labels guarantee that the products were made using environmentally friendly methods. The difference is in the ingredients they contain. Products that are certified COSMOS Organic must contain a certain percentage of organic ingredients, while this is not the case for COSMOS Natural.

For both labels, there are limits on additives and processing methods, and nanomaterials are forbidden. With the COSMOS Organic label, you also have criteria for organic ingredients.

Do any Lamazuna products carry the COSMOS Natural label? Yes!

Our solid deodorant carries the COSMOS Natural label.

In conclusion

If you weren't familiar with the Lamazuna labels and certifications, it should all be much clearer now! It's not always easy to understand the differences between them, yet each one is important for different reasons. In order for us to use these labels, a strict certification process must be carried out by independent bodies. They enable us to guarantee that we comply with various criteria (quality, sourcing of ingredients, formulas, etc.) that show that our products are beneficial for both you and the planet.

Many different criteria must be met to obtain these labels and certifications, and these criteria are very strict. But because we have always set very high standards for our products, we've been able to meet them quite easily!

We are proud to be able to state that we make our products in a way that respects the environment, animals and mankind. Above all else, we want to offer effective, sustainable products made in France that you can enjoy. And we don't want these products to have any negative impact on the environment. Our labels are a reflection of our convictions.

Other labels, which we haven't talked about in detail here, exist for clothes. Many of the garments in the ethical fashion section of our website are GOTS certified (which means that they're made with organic fabrics) and/or Fairtrade certified.

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