Ceramic toothbrush holder – Hydrophil

This ceramic toothbrush holder was developed in collaboration with the Ruperti workshop for disabled workers. It's just the right shape and size for your natural bamboo toothbrush! :)


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Available in white and blue, this useful little object offers a very stylish way to hold (and show off!) your toothbrush in your bathroom!  

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Hydrophil decided to join forces with the Ruperti workshop in Germany to produce this beautiful ceramic toothbrush holder, which is made by disabled workers :)

Simply place the holder in your bathroom, then place your toothbrush handle in the hole in the middle! You'll never need to look for it again!

The Hydrophil toothbrush holder is 100% ceramic and held in a recycled cardboard box.  

    Is the ceramic toothbrush holder compatible with the Lamazuna replaceable-head toothbrush?

    Yes it is! You can use the Hydrophil ceramic toothbrush holder with our toothbrushes! 

     Le porte brosse à dents Hydrophil est-il compatible avec les brosses à dents Lamazuna ?

    Oui tout à fait ! :) La brosse à dents Lamazuna est compatible avec le porte brosse à dents. 

    Could the ceramic toothbrush holder be used to hold the solid toothpaste?

    Yes, you could use the Hydrophil toothbrush holder to hold your Lamazuna solid toothpaste! 

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