Cleaning cloths - KUFU

We love these multi-function house wipes made of bamboo microfibre by KUFU, they are perfect for your Zero-waste house! :)


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This wipe is very practical! Super-absorbent, you can use it to replace your sponge or kitchen roll. It's also antistatic so you can dust your furniture easily! 

The KUFU wipe will be your best friend for your natural and Zero-waste daily housework!

Available in sizes S, M and L or by bundles of 10, make your choice! :)

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The KUFU house wipes made of bamboo microfibre, natural and Zero-waste! They will be your best friend for your Zero-waste daily housework! The size S wipes are 12 x 12 cm, the size M wipes are 18 x 18 cm and the size L wipes are 24 x 24 cm

Kufu is an artisanal brand from Lyon that we know well, as they're only about 60 miles away from us! This brilliant, ethical brand – with whom we worked last year – creates upcycled products to help you live a zero-waste lifestyle. The name KUFU comes from a Japanese concept that means "make do with what you have" – and this pretty much sums up the ideology of the brand's founder, Sabrina, who creates reusable products from scrap fabric. 

Her items are 100% made in France. Each one is unique, colourful and beautifully crafted by hand. You'll find loose produce bags, bread bags and even napkins made from upcycled fabric scraps and organic cotton! 

The wipes are made of bamboo microfibre. They're super-absorbent and perfect to dust your house :)

Any kind of utilisation is possible thanks to the 3 sizes of the wipes! They will be your best partner during your Zero-waste daily housework. Size S can easily fit in your bag to clean your glasses, for example. Size M can clean your hotplates or your TV while size L helps you to clean your windows, bathroom or quickly dust any piece of furniture! All of it with softness and natural components :)

After several uses of your house wipes, you can simply wash them in a dishwasher (40°) so they can get their softness back! 

Using a bamboo microfibre house is a great Zero-waste alternative for your housework. Say goodbye to sponges or kitchen paper roll, clean your home without creating any waste! :)

    Can you give me the exact dimensions of the cleaning cloths, for all three sizes : S, M and L ?

    Size S measures 12 x 12 cm. 

    Size M measures 18 x 18 cm. 

    And finally size L measures 24 x 24 cm! :)

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