Menstrual cup - Yellow pouch

A menstrual cup gives you freedom and comfort!

  • 100% medical-grade platinum silicone
  • Leave in for up to 6 hours
  • No risk of leaks
  • No embarrassment
  • Ultra-discreet
  • Organic cotton pouch

The Lamazuna menstrual cup replaces tampons and pads, and can be used for 10 years!

All women can use a menstrual cup, including virgins. 

More information

The Lamazuna menstrual cup is made in France, in the Vaucluse region.

Choose size 1 for light flow and size 2 for medium or heavy flow, or if you've already given birth vaginally. If in doubt, take size 2!

Size 1

Diameter: 42 mm / Length: 47 mm / Capacity: 23 ml

Size 2

Diameter: 46 mm / Length: 52 mm / Capacity: 30 ml

If you use an IUD (contraceptive coil), ask your gynaecologist to trim the strings as short as possible. Make sure you press on the side of the menstrual cup well before pulling it out to stop the suction effect. This will ensure that it doesn't dislodge your IUD when removed.  

How to use it

Fold your menstrual cup and slide it into the vaginal opening. You can leave it in for up to six hours.

To remove it, wash your hands first, then pinch the bottom of the cup to break the suction and gently pull on the stem. 

Empty it, rinse it with tap water, then put it back in again.

A menstrual cup is completely invisible. It won't cause any embarrassment and you'll forget it's even there!

The small holes on the rim of the cup create a suction effect, so the cup forms a seal and there's no risk of leaks.

How to look after it

Before each use: sterilize your menstrual cup by boiling it for 10 minutes. 

During your cycle: rinse with cold water (to avoid staining) or wipe with paper. 

At the end of your cycle: store your menstrual cup in its organic cotton pouch, and not in a hermetically sealed box. 

Our menstrual cup has several advantages! It's free of latex, phthalates and bleaching agents. It's soft, supple and easy to clean. Plus, it offers a much higher quality and longer lifespan than conventional silicone.

It comes with a GOTS-certified organic cotton pouch, which is made in India.

The Lamazuna menstrual cup replaces tampons and pads, and can be used for 10 years!

    How to use the cup?

    What size of cup should I choose?

    When it comes to choosing the size of your menstrual cup, we usually recommend that women with heavy menstrual flow or who have given birth vaginally should use size 2. Women with light flow and who haven't had a vaginal birth should use size 1. 

    However, these are general guidelines. Knowing your body well will also help you to choose the size that's right for you. It's also important to know that there are no (excuse the pun) one-size-fits-all rules. Some women who have not given birth vaginally may be perfectly comfortable with size 2, while some women who have heavy flow but aren't used to using tampons, or who have quite a narrow vagina, may be more comfortable with size 1.

    If you already use super or super-plus tampons, size 2 should work for you. If you're not used to wearing tampons or only use slim or mini tampons, opt for size 1.  

    It goes without saying that you should always take your anatomy into account – and everyone's anatomy is different. You can compare the dimensions of the different cups to work out which one is the best fit for your body. 

    If you don't want to worry about emptying your cup often during the first days of your period and/or when you have heavier flow, we recommend using size 2. Because it has a larger diameter than size 1, you can leave it in for longer. But if you're not comfortable with using the larger size, you can always use size 1 and simply empty it more often if necessary. 

    How safe is the menstrual cup?

    Our manufacturer has obtained ISO 13485:2003 certification. This confirms that its quality management system meets the requirements of this internationally recognized standard, which was developed for organizations that manufacture medical devices.

    Two criteria guarantee the quality of our menstrual cup: medical and platinum.

    As its name suggests, platinum silicone is a type of silicone that uses platinum as a catalyst. Platinum is a very stable, rare metal, with a melting point above 1,750°C. The other, more frequently used method for making silicone involves using peroxides. This method is cheaper, but the resulting silicone is less stable. Platinum silicone does not have the same health risks as peroxide silicone, which can release volatile organic compounds.

    Our silicone is also "medical grade". This quality is attributed after conducting laboratory tests to evaluate, in particular, the resistance and elasticity of the material. The silicone we use for our menstrual cups complies with numerous international standards, including the USP Class VI standard, which means that it can stay inside the human body for up to 30 days. 

    Is it possible to exchange a menstrual cup?

    For hygiene reasons, we cannot exchange our menstrual cups. But if you're not sure which size to order, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help! 

    How can I get a refund of 25 € on the amount of my Cup?

    The LMDE mutual fund for students reimburses hygienic protections up to € 25 / year. More info on the LMDE website

    Could you tell me the exact composition of the menstrual cup ? Does it contain Bisphenol A (BPA) ?  What about Alkylphenol and PVC ? Are there any deodorizing agents, added fragrances or absorbent gels ? 

    Our menstrual cup is made from silicone, and is free of latex, phthalates and bleaching agents.

    Est ce qu’on peut prendre un bain avec une cup féminine?

    Tout à fait, il n'y a aucune contre-indication. Vous pouvez aussi l'utiliser pour aller à la piscine ! :)

    Can I trim the stem on the menstrual cup ? 

    You can trim or cut off the stem if you don't need it ! :)

    Bonjour, Puis-je stériliser ma cup au micro onde ? Je vous remercie pour votre retour Gabrielle

    Nous ne pouvons pas conseiller de stériliser la cup Lamazuna au micro-ondes car nous n'avons pas fait de tests en ce sens pour le moment. 

    Nous ne pouvons pas non plus vous garantir que cela soit sans risque pour la cup. 

Write a review

Libérééé délivrééé...

... des tampons !
C''est ma seconde cup, qui devrait durer 10 ans... sauf si je l'oublie dans la casserole (oups) comme la précédente :D



Première cup et je ne regrette pas du tout! J'avais à chaques fois mycoses vaginale avec les tampons et serviettes hygiéniques, maintenant, avec la cup plus rien! Je revis! Je vous conseille fortement ce produit


Une révolution

J'étais sceptique et suis finalement complètement convaincue! Facile à insérer et à retirer grâce à la petite languette, plus de ficelle qui dépasse, sensation de ne rien avoir....on oublie que l'on a ses règles! Seul petit bémol: quelle est la solution quand on n'est pas chez soi...quand l'on se rend au toilette dans les lieux publics, comment faire pour rincer sa cup? Ma seule solution et de la laisser toute la journée (possible jusqu'a 12 h). Bref je recommande à 100%. Notre corps et la planète nous remercieront!


pratique et rassurant

Ayant eu des pbs gynéco assez poussés on m'avait conseillé de ne plus mettre de tampon voir même plus de serviette de grande surface a cause des nombreux produits "nocifs" qu'ils incluent dedans pour éviter odeur etc.
Je ne mettais plus que des serviettes bio (qui coutent quand même assez cher) très inesthétique et assez gênante.
J'ai donc fini par acheté la cup, on l'oublie vraiment et ça me rassure de savoir qu'aucun produit ne s'en dégage ! et puis fini les odeurs dans les poubelles de la maison ou de chercher partout une poubelle quand on est à l'extérieur, même ça c'est une révolution ^^



Ca a été la première cup que j'ai adopté, et je la trouves super, confortable, facile d'application et pochette trop design!
Contrairement à une autre cup plus rigide que j'ai eu l’occasion de tester, je trouves celle ci parfaite pour les débutantes!

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