Sew-on patch – FANTOME

Repair your clothes with style, with a little help from these sew-on patches!

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Introducing another way to make your clothing eco-friendly! Patches are great for making your clothes last even longer. Use them to mend small holes or tears, to personalize that treasured T-shirt you found in a second-hand store, or to add an original touch to your favourite jacket!

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This patch has a diameter of 4.5 cm. It's ideal for mending damaged clothes, so you can repair them rather than throwing them away!

FANTOME is a French brand that was born from a desire to do things right! All the suppliers and artisans who work for the brand are located as close as possible. FANTOME manufactures quality items that are designed to last. There's no planned obsolescence! The products are vegan and zero waste. FANTOME loves upcycling – which is all about making new products from old, used ones. Its items made from used inner tubes are the perfect example!   

FANTOME products are certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA. 

Repair or decorate your clothes by simply sewing on this patch!  

100% polyester

You can wash the sew-on patch by hand, or machine-wash at 30°C. Do not tumble dry. 

The purpose of a patch is to mend small holes or tears, so you can keep wearing your clothes for longer and fight planned obsolescence! They're a brilliant way to make your clothes more eco-friendly, because you won't immediately throw them away when they're damaged! 

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