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I have questions about solid toothpaste

Can I let my child use my toothpaste?

This toothpaste contains peppermint essential oil, so it's not recommended for children under the age of six, or for pregnant women. For your child to use it, s/he has to be able to brush their teeth on their own and without swallowing any toothpaste. Our cinnamon solid toothpaste, on the other hand, is safe for children as it doesn't contain any essential oils. 

My toothpaste doesn't foam up!

This is perfectly normal when you use a natural toothpaste. Conventional toothpastes will produce a generous foam, but that's because they contain synthetic surfactants – so the foam is actually anything but natural. The amount of foam is not an indicator of how well the toothpaste will clean your teeth. It's the same with our shampoos. Foaming agents and surfactants are responsible for producing a foam or lather, but they don't have any cleaning effect.

For as long as you have toothpaste on your toothbrush when you start to brush, and your teeth feel nice and smooth afterwards, then you can rest assured that your teeth are clean. If you're bothered by the lack of foam, it's for psychological reasons only!

With use and over time, your toothpaste will lose its hardness. If you feel there isn't enough toothpaste in your mouth, simply rub your toothbrush over it again. 

When we created this toothpaste, we were very clear about what we wanted (and did not want!), so there are no ingredients in it that are there to produce a generous foam. People are used to toothpastes producing a foam if they always buy conventional toothpastes in a tube. 

Plus, because you only use a small amount of toothpaste each time you brush your teeth, you'll save money! 

Why doesn't the solid toothpaste contain fluoride? 

The decision not to use fluoride in our toothpaste was based on recent studies, which indicate that fluoride may be harmful to the human body when ingested in large amounts. Given that we already ingest fluoride every day – as it can be found in food and even in water – we didn't want to provide another source of it! So we're not against fluoride in small amounts, but we prefer not to use it in our products. 

How should I store my solid toothpaste between uses? 

You could slip your solid toothpaste into a toothbrush holder if it's wide enough for it to go in vertically, or keep it on a saucer or soap holder. It's antibacterial, so it can't get "dirty"! However, if you're not comfortable with the idea of it gathering a little dust, you could always keep it in a mini jam jar or an old lip balm jar and make a hole or slot in the lid for the toothpaste stick to go through. Our Lamazuna jar is perfect, as there are little slots in the lid, so the stick can go through one of them! 

Bonjour, Puis-je rapper mon dentifrice solide afin de l’utiliser comme un dentifrice solide en poudre (conditionnement qui me convient mieux) ? Merci d'avance. Cordialement. Crystal

Oui !

Bonjour, Combien de temps dure en moyenne ce dentifrice solide si je fais deux utilisations par jour? En vous remerciant pour votre retour, Cordialement, Laure Nadal

Pour la durée moyenn0,e cela reste approximatif selon l’utilisation mais celui-ci dure environ 2 mois à 2 personnes dessus matin et soir.

Cette durée dépend de la fréquence de brossage, de la quantité de dentifrice que l’on met sur la brosse à dent, du nombre de personnes à l'utiliser...

Bonjour, Je me permets de vous écrire afin de savoir s'il existait une méthode pour éviter que le dentifrice solide ne se brise en morceau lorsqu'il en reste à peu près 20% ? Ça fait deux ou trois fois que je me retrouve dans cette situtation. . . .

Vous pouvez broyer le dentifrice en poudre et le transférer dans un contenant, il ne vous restera ainsi plus qu'à tremper votre brosse à dents dans la poudre obtenue !

Vous pouvez également croquer dans vos morceaux comme avec un dentifrice à croquer !

How should I transport the solid toothpaste?

You can put your solid toothpaste in the Lamazuna jar, or an old mini jam jar or lip balm jar, and simply make a hole or slot in the lid for the stick to go through. You could also wrap it in a face cloth – just as with our solid shampoos.   

Can several members of the family use the same solid toothpaste?

Our solid toothpaste is antibacterial, so there's no risk of spreading germs from one person to another. However, if you're not comfortable with the idea of sharing it, you could always have a different toothpaste for each family member and personalize the sticks, so that everyone has their own design! A dash of nail polish, a name written with a marker pen, a strip of masking tape... Get creative and give your toothpaste a personal touch! 

Given that this toothpaste contains peppermint essential oil, is it safe for someone taking a homeopathic treatment to use it?

It's perfectly safe to use this solid toothpaste while taking a homeopathic treatment. Just make sure you leave at least half an hour between brushing your teeth and taking your homeopathic remedy, so the peppermint essential oil won't cancel out any beneficial effect. 

Can I use my solid toothpaste when I go hiking?

The toothpaste is made with 100% naturally derived ingredients, so whether they're botanical or mineral, they come from nature. This means you can use your solid toothpaste (and your solid shampoo, for that matter!) when you're up in the mountains or down by a river. You won't create any pollution! 

Can the solid toothpaste be used with an electric toothbrush?

The vibrations of an electric toothbrush can be a bit too much for our solid toothpaste! We recommend that you begin by wetting your toothbrush head and rubbing it over the toothpaste to work up a slight foam. Then you can switch the brush on! 

Why do I have to use warm water with the toothpaste? (It means that I waste water!)

We recommend wetting your toothpaste with warm water as it then dissolves better, but if you'd rather use cold water, that will work too!