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I have questions about the solid deodorant

I make a reaction to the deodorant

Bicarbonate and Palmarosa essential oil are two ingredients that are naturally very effective against the development of odor-causing bacteria, which is why they are present in many natural deodorants. It is therefore possible that your skin does not support one of these ingredients.

That said, these two ingredients can make the skin react, but are not dangerous as are certain ingredients such as aluminum salts.

One solution is to try to put only a very thin layer of product on each use so that the dose is not too large for the skin, or else to alternate with another deodorant.

If, despite this, the plaques persist, whether it is just a reaction to the product or you are completely allergic to either bicarbonate or essential oils, it is of course recommended to stop using the deodorant.

You can already apply vegetable oil under your armpits to help your skin recover.

I am pregnant, is it contraindicated?

Our deodorant contains essential oil of palmarosa, not recommended for pregnant women and children under three years old

Does the deodorant stand up to high temperatures ? 

We test our products at 50°C. Because our deodorant is rich in oil, when temperatures are very high, it tends to "weep" a little. So it's best to keep it in a small container ! :)

How to keep my solid deodorant between two uses?

You can simply place it on a saucer or a soap dish at the edge of your sink. If you prefer to protect it from dust, a mini jam jar or an old jar of cream will do. In any case, do not worry about its conservation, it is anti-bacterial so it cannot be dirty!

How much solid deodorant should I use and do I risk white marks on my clothes?

When you put your solid deodorant on each armpit, it should be well wet and deposit a thin transparent layer on the skin. It should slide like a bar of soap between wet hands. This film will dry quickly and will not leave white marks on clothing. For maximum efficiency, I recommend that you cover the armpits well from top to bottom and from right to left. A good thin cover will be more effective than a thick layer that is too localized.

How do I transport my solid deodorant to sports or travel?

Mini glass jam jar, old cream jar or washcloth will be very practical.

What is the difference between an antiperspirant deodorant and our solid deodorant?

As the name suggests, an antiperspirant deodorant will prevent perspiration from wicking away, while our deodorant will munch on the bacteria contained in perspiration before they can give off an unpleasant odor. To be effective, antiperspirants use aluminum salts, which close the pores of the skin. These aluminum salts are reputed to be dangerous, following numerous old and recent studies. A study by K G McGrath concluded in 2003 that breast cancer occurs 8 years earlier in women shaving their armpits and using an antiperspirant than in those who do not. The study can be viewed here. Shaving the armpits allows aluminum to enter the body more easily.

It was after learning this information that I stopped using antiperspirants and I switched to alum stone and then to "alum stone" deodorants, but none was enough effective against odors. This is why this solid Lamazuna deodorant was born, obviously without aluminum!

Is this product suitable for pregnant women?

Unfortunately, this product is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women as it contains essential oils.

I'm interested in your solid deodorant, but I'd like to know if it leaves any traces or stains on the underarms of clothes ? 

Our deodorant doesn't leave any traces or stains on clothes. :)

To this day, we haven't had any complaints about this happening.