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I have questions about the toothbrush

How do I recycle the toothbrush heads?

We decided to sign up to TerraCycle's Zero Waste Box programme, so that any used toothbrush handles and heads can be completely recycled.

You can go to the Recycling section of our website and download a pre-paid label. Then simply stick it on an envelope and send your used toothbrush heads and handles to TerraCycle free of charge! Please note that a minimum quantity is required: 3 toothbrush heads or 1 handle.  

Bonjour, J’ai acheté une brosse à dent, comment puis je me procurer des nouvelles tetes? Merci

Pour trouver où vous procurer de nouvelles têtes, vous pouvez nous contacter en allant sur l'onglet "nos points de vente". Alizée se fera un plaisir de vous indiquer les revendeurs de votre ville.:)

Bonjour, svp,une brosse à dents est livrée avec combien de têtes, 1 ou 3 ? Cordialement, MS

Bonjour, notre brosse à dents est livrée avec une seule tête. Les recharges qui sont vendues séparément, contiennent 3 têtes! :)

Do you have toothbrushes for children?

Unfortunately, for now, we don't have any toothbrushes that are specially designed for small children. However, our toothbrushes come in standard sizes, so if your child is used to using a standard-size toothbrush, they'll be able to use ours too!

I wanted to know if there was any Bisphenol A (BPA) in the 30% plastic ?

There is no Bisphenol A in our toothbrushes. :)

Where can I find the replacement heads for Lamazuna toothbrushes?

You can contact Alizée at She'll be able to give you the addresses of retailers that sell them in your region. And, of course, you can also order them from our website!   

Where are your bamboo toothbrushes made? Which country ? 

The bamboos used to make hydrophilic toothbrushes grow in the Lishui region of China. Therefore, the complete production of toothbrushes takes place in China, in order to facilitate the chain between the bamboo harvest and the production of toothbrushes. Finally each year, the founders of the Hydrophil brand visit the production sites of their durable bamboo toothbrushes.

Is the ceramic toothbrush holder compatible with the Lamazuna replaceable-head toothbrush?

Yes it is! You can use the Hydrophil ceramic toothbrush holder with our toothbrushes!