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I have questions about the toothbrush

How do I recycle the toothbrush heads?

We decided to sign up to TerraCycle's Zero Waste Box programme, so that any used toothbrush handles and heads can be completely recycled.

You can go to the Recycling section of our website and download a pre-paid label. Then simply stick it on an envelope and send your used toothbrush heads and handles to TerraCycle free of charge! Please note that a minimum quantity is required: 3 toothbrush heads or 1 handle.  

How can I get new heads for my Lamazuna toothbrush ? . . .

To find out where you can buy new toothbrush heads, head to the "Where to find us" section on our website to find a retailer, or simply order a refill set directly from the website.

Is your toothbrush delivered with 1 or 3 heads ? . . .

Our toothbrush is delivered with a single head. The replacement heads are sold separately in refill sets that contain three heads.

Do you have any toothbrushes for children? . . .

Unfortunately, at the moment we don't have any toothbrushes that are designed for children's small mouths. Having said that, our toothbrushes come in standard sizes. So if your child is already used to brushing their teeth with a standard-size toothbrush, they'll be able to use ours too!

Does the toothbrush contain Bisphenol A (BPA)? . . .

No, there is no Bisphenol A in our toothbrushes.

Where can I find the pre-paid label on the website, so I can send back my toothbrush heads? . . .

Contact !

What happens to the recycled toothbrush heads? Where are they recycled ? . . .

The toothbrush heads are sent to our partner, TerraCycle, to be recycled.

An in-house R&D (research & development) team develops recycling solutions that will go on to be applied locally. Once TerraCycle has amassed a sufficient quantity of waste, it works with a local recycler to recycle it. TerraCycle works with several recyclers, depending on the type of waste stream and waste.

For our toothbrushes, the nylon bristles are separated from the plastic base. The nylon will be recycled into insulation materials for electrical applications in particular. As for the plastic, it's ground then washed. The small pieces are agglomerated with plastics of the same type. These mixtures will then be extruded into small plastic granules and go back into the secondary raw materials market or be sold directly to manufacturers of plastic items, such as outdoor furniture (tables, benches, etc.). For example, TerraCycle works with the company uBin to make recycling bins from recycled plastic.

For more information, visit the TerraCycle website.