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How safe is the menstrual cup?

Our manufacturer has obtained ISO 13485:2003 certification. This confirms that its quality management system meets the standards for the production of medical devices. It is the most widely recognised quality standard in the world for medical devices.   

Two criteria guarantee the quality of our menstrual cup: medical and platinum. 

Platinum silicone is – as its name indicates – a type of silicone that uses platinum as a catalyst. Platinum is a very rare, very stable metal, with a melting point above 1750° C. The other, more frequently used method for making silicone involves using peroxides. This method is cheaper, but the resulting silicone is less stable. Platinum silicone does not present the health risks of peroxide silicone, which can release volatile organic compounds. 

Our silicone is also "medical grade". This quality is attributed after conducting various laboratory tests to evaluate, in particular, the resistance and elasticity of the material. The silicone that we use complies with numerous international standards, including the USP Class 6 standard, which means that it can remain inside the human body for 30 days.