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J'ai des question sur la pochouette

Is there anything I should do before using it ? . . .

Our mini pouches are made from clothing or furniture fabrics that were destined for the bin, so they may shrink a little when washed for the first time. This means their dimensions may change very slightly. We recommend washing them once before using them, then their size shouldn't change anymore!

The mini pouch isn't waterproof, so it's best if you let your solid cosmetics dry before putting them inside. If that isn't possible, take them out of the mini pouch as soon as you reach your destination so they can dry.

Which Lamazuna solid cosmetics can I put in the mini pouch ?  . . .

After you've washed the mini pouch, you can use it to hold one solid shaving bar, one solid conditioner, or up to two solid shampoos !

What are the dimensions of the mini pouch ? . . .

Our mini pouches measure 12 x 12 cm, with about 2 cm at the top for the drawstring. 

However, as they are made by hand from scrap fabric, there may be some variations.