Need Help?

I have questions about the Hydrophil products

What are the dimensions of the soap pouch ? 

The soap pouch measures 14 x 9 cm.

I just bought the toothbrush case. How can I clean it without damaging it?

To clean your toothbrush case, mix a teaspoon of white vinegar with some warm water, brush the case gently with the mixture, then dry it well. 

Can the Hydrophil lip balm be used by children ? What about pregnant women ? 

This lip balm has a very simple, fragrance-free formula, and can be used by both children and pregnant women. :)

Can the bamboo toothbrush case be used with all the toothbrushes on your website, including your bioplastic ones?

Yes, the Lamazuna bioplastic toothbrushes will fit inside the bamboo toothbrush case!

Can you change the head on this bamboo toothbrush ? 

No, you can't change the head on this bamboo toothbrush. 

Can the Hydrophil bamboo toothbrush be composted ? 

The toothbrush handle can be composted, but the head can't. So you can break the head off and compost the rest. :)

Is the Herbal Mouthwash Essence effective against gum disease?

The Herbal Mouthwash isn't a treatment for gum disease, but it does have a beneficial effect on oral flora. To prevent gum disease, we recommend that you brush your teeth regularly with a toothbrush that is no older than three months, and that you use a mouthwash too. Make sure you use a suitable toothbrush (soft, medium or hard bristles). If gum disease occurs, we recommend that you see your doctor to decide what treatment is best.  

 Le porte brosse à dents Hydrophil est-il compatible avec les brosses à dents Lamazuna ?

Oui tout à fait ! :) La brosse à dents Lamazuna est compatible avec le porte brosse à dents. 

Quel est le PH du savon (lavande et citronnelle) ? Peut-il être utilisé également pour l’hygiène intime féminine ?

Le pH des savons Hydrophil est de 5.5. :)

Bonjour, est ce que les savons sont saponifiés à froid?

Oui tout à fait, les savons Hydrophil sont saponifiés à froid ! :)