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Why use a 100% biosourced bioplastic?

-At first, we wanted to find a 100% biosourced and biodegradable bioplastic. It's worth pointing out that bioplastics are relatively new materials and many suppliers are still very much working on their development. The materials that we tested and met these two criteria (100% biosourced AND biodegradable) did not meet our technical requirements. Moreover, biodegradability tests are often carried out on very fine sections of bioplastics (about 0.1 mm), so they don't actually guarantee the biodegradability of larger items, such as our Oriculi. 

-We therefore decided to focus on a 100% biobased, durable bioplastic, so that we could offer you an Oriculi that was safe to use and could last a lifetime. If for any reason it should break (unlikely, but accidents do happen!), then it can go back into the circular economy and be recycled and reused. That way, there's zero waste!