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How will my Oriculi be recycled?

From the moment we began designing our new Oriculi, we took into account its end of life. After all, it is intended to be both a sustainable and durable item! If you should end up breaking it by accident, you can send it back to us. When we have a large enough quantity of material to recycle, we have two choices:  

  • either we send it back to the supplier of our raw material, who can re-use it;
  • or we recycle it with a partner who will shred the broken/damaged items into small pieces that can be used to make new Oriculis.  

Generally speaking, when plastic is recycled, the material is shredded, and its mechanical properties are weakened. When it's injected into a mould, some "new" raw material will also be injected to improve its technical performance. This will be the case for the Oriculi, which is another reason why we hope you'll take good care of it so you can keep using it for life!