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What's the difference between the bioplastic and wooden Oriculis?

Now that we have a wooden Oriculi, you have twice as much choice! 

The bioplastic Oriculi is light and colourful, and has a lifetime guarantee. It won't alter over time, and will appeal to children in particular. It's made in France from a biosourced, renewable material that's derived from the castor oil plant, which grows in India. Our bioplastic Oriculi is very flexible and resilient, and if (by some remote chance!) it were to break, nothing is lost, as the material can be melted and used to make another item. 

The wooden Oriculi, on the other hand, is made from a living material that needs more care than bioplastic. It can alter over time and deteriorate when exposed to moisture. So it's important to coat it with oil now and again, to protect it. But the advantage of this wood is that it comes from trees that grow in France, making this Oriculi 100% French! It's a very beautiful, natural material, and it gives us an Oriculi that has an exceedingly low environmental impact.