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I have questions about the pink cocoa butter

How can a blue pigment become pink ? . . .

The pink pigment is an ultramarine pigment. These mineral pigments can be blue, green, pink, red or violet. The CI (Colour Index) number remains the same, regardless of the colour. 

Can I use the cocoa butter on my 20-month-old child ? . . .

Our products have not been tested on babies, so we can't say for sure that they are safe to use on babies! But what we can tell you is that our cocoa butter can be used on children from the age of three. ????

What should I do when I get to the end of my cocoa butter and it's breaking up into small pieces ? . . .

You can put the pieces in the palm of your hand and melt them between your hands, then apply the melted butter wherever you wish !

Bonjour, j'ai une peau sèche voir de l'eczéma et je voudrais savoir si je peux utiliser ce produit

Tout à fait !

How much does the pink cocoa butter weigh in grams ?

Our pink cocoa butter weighs approximately 55 grams. :)

How should I store it ? 

You can simply store it in jar, in a dry place. :)

Can I use it if I'm pregnant ?

Absolutely ! Our cocoa butter doesn't contain essential oils, so it's perfectly sale for pregnant women. :)

Can the pink cocoa butter be used on the hair ? 

Yes ! You can use our pink cocoa butter on the tips of your hair. :)

If you're using the pink cocoa butter, we recommend that you begin by rubbing it between your hands to melt it. This will make it easier to apply it to your hair. 

The surface of my cocoa butter is uneven and mottled.

Sometimes, our cocoa butter may have a slightly mottled surface, but it's absolutely nothing to worry about ! This is a natural result of making the product by hand and, in particular, the cooling stage. 

The butter is made with cocoa butter and carnauba wax, and both of these ingredients are heated so they can go from a solid to a liquid state. The mottled effect occurs because the two ingredients do not cool at the same rate. It can be more or less pronounced, but it does not impact the characteristics of the product in any way. 

We've added carnauba wax to make the cocoa butter more heat-resistant, so it won't melt when your parcel is sent to you in the summer ! However, please avoid placing it in direct sunlight, as it may start to melt if it's exposed to extremely high temperatures !