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I have questions about the facial cleanser

Once you've started using the solid facial cleanser, how long can you keep using it? 

The PAO (period after opening) is 12 months. To find the PAO of our products, look for the small "open jar" symbol on the packaging.

Does the solid facial cleanser fit in the Lamazuna jar ? 

Yes ! You can use the Lamazuna jar to hold any of our facial cleansers. :)

Why is the facial cleanser with grapefruit not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women ?

This facial cleanser contains essential oils, wich is why it isn't recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Le nettoyant visage peut-il remplacer le démaquillant ? 

Non, notre nettoyant visage en forme de nuage ne remplace pas le démaquillant. En l'utilisant il faut éviter les muqueuses et donc le contact avec les yeux. 

Mais nos lingettes démaquillantes réutilisables seront parfaites pour vous ! :)