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I have questions about the facial cleanser

Once I've started using the solid facial cleanser, how long can I keep using it for ? . . .

The period after opening (PAO) is 12 months. You'll find the PAO on our products; it's the small "open jar" symbol with a number on it and an "M" for months. 

Does the solid facial cleanser fit in the Lamazuna jar ? 

Yes, all our facial cleansers fit inside our jar.

Why is the grapefruit facial cleanser not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women ? . . .

This facial cleanser contains essential oils, which is why it isn't recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Can the facial cleanser be used instead of the make-up remover ? . . .

No, our cloud-shaped solid facial cleanser can't be used as a replacement for the make-up remover. It should be kept away from mucous membranes when you use it, so this includes the eyes. 

But you can use our reusable cleansing wipes to remove make-up! :)