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I have questions about the razor blades

Why didn't you make a razor with standard (universal) safety razor blades?

Our safety razor blades are universal. :)

Bonjour, Est-ce que votre rasoir de sûreté est aussi à "tête réglable", de façon à couper les poils de très près ? C'est très important pour moi.

Le rasoir n'a pas de tête réglable, en revanche il rase très bien de très près !

Are the blades recyclable ? And if so, where can they be recycled ?

Razor blades are considered medical waste, so they're incinerated. However, you could ask your local pharmacies if they have a box to collect them (some barbers also have these). 

In France, these boxes are yellow, and will be burned once they're filled. You can throw your razor blades in the bin, but make sure they're wrapped in something so they can't pierce your bin bag or injure anyone. At present, TerraCycle doesn't have a solution for recycling razor blades in Europe, but they are testing this in the USA. :)