Need Help?

I have questions about the cleansing wipes

Can both sides of the cleansing wipes be used ? 

Yes, of courses ! And you should use both sides ! :)

At what temperature should I wash the cleansing wipes ?

You can wash the cleansing wipes at 40°C.  

I was wondering if the washable cleansing wipes could be used with a micellar water ?

Yes, you can use them with a micellar water. However, if you want to remove waterproof make-up, we recommend using a drop of botanical oil on a moist cleansing wipe. 

What's the difference between the set of washable cleansing wipes and the refill set ? Can I simply order the refill set on its own, as it costs less ?

The set of washable cleansing wipes consists of the cleansing wipes and a washing bag, all held in a wooden box. There is no box or washing bag with the refill set - just bag, all held in a wooden box. 

There is no box or washing bag with the refill set - just 10 cleansing wipes. :) 

So yes, of course, you can just order the refill set if you wish !

How do I use the cleansing wipes ? . . .

Simply moisten a reusable cleansing wipe with tap water then use it to gently remove make-up. 

If you want to remove more stubborn make-up, you can add a drop of make-up remover to finish. Rinse the cleansing wipe with water immediately afterwards so it will continue to work well and look as good as new ! 

Can you tell me about the Lamazuna cleansing wipes ? . . .

The Lamazuna cleansing wipes are made from microfibre – a highly absorbent fabric. 

All you have to do is moisten them with water. After use, they can be hand or machine washed. They're also ideal for sensitive skin !

What is the size of the washable cleansing wipes ? . . .

Our washable cleansing wipes have a diameter of 8 cm. They're not too big and not too small! Just the right size to remove make-up gently and effectively !