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What are the recommendations if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding ?

I am pregnant / breastfeeding or I wish to offer my products to my children.

Regarding the advice not to use essential oils during pregnancy and lactation, or for babies, it is mainly because of the lipophilic and liposoluble nature of essential oils that makes them can effectively penetrate the skin. Some essential oils will have no harmful effect for pregnant women, others if, but as a precaution against the law we are obliged to advise against them in general.

Peppermint essential oil for example is particularly not recommended during pregnancy because it has abortive properties.

Nothing therefore prevents a pregnant or breastfeeding woman from using essential oils, but it is necessary to carry out strict checks concerning the properties of the oils in question and to favor external methods of use (diffusion or skin application for certain areas of the body ) and avoid oral absorption in most cases. For added safety, doctors generally advise to avoid essential oils during the first three months of pregnancy, and to use them carefully thereafter.

The quantity of essential oil authorized in a cosmetic product is in any case regulated and there is no official prohibition regarding the use of these products for pregnant women. This reporting is therefore primarily done as a precaution, and aims to prevent potential risks rather than worrying the women concerned.

You can find out on the internet to know the properties of the different essential oils and which ones are not recommended for pregnant women and children.

The best solution is of course to speak about it directly with a healthcare professional, who will be able to guide and reassure you.

Some of our products like cocoa butter, chocolate shampoo, wild herbs and coconut vanilla, as well as our cinnamon toothpaste, are without essential oils.

However, no change is planned at the moment compared to the deodorant since palmarosa oil is a very powerful antibacterial and is therefore more difficult to replace in this context.

Bonjour est ce que le démaquillant solide est compatible avec les femmes enceintes ou allaitantes svp? Merci

Le démaquillant solide est sans huiles essentielles, donc il convient aux femmes enceintes ou allaitantes !

Bonjour, Le galet exfoliant peut-il être utilisé par une femme enceinte ou allaitante ? Merci

Tout à fait, il n'y a aucune contre-indication ! :)

Wich products can I use if I'm pregnant ? 

Here's a list of the products that pregnant or breastfeeding women can use : 

- Our solid shampoos free of essential oils : the Chocolate shampoo for normal hair / Wild Grasses shampoo for oily hair / Vanilla and Coconut shampoo for dry hair. 

- Our Solid Conditionner.

- The Solid Facial Cleanser for normal skin. 

- The Solid Shaving Bar.

- The Solid Cocoa Butter : solid cocoa butter with baobab oil and frangipani / pink organic solid cocoa butter. 

- The Cinnamon Solid Toothpaste. 

- The Happy teeth Duo, wich is free of essential oils. 

- The Gentle Cleansing Duo. 

- The 100% Chocolate gift set. 

- The Celebration zero-waste gift set.

- The Hydrophil lip balm.