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L'Organisateur de salle de bain passe t-il au lave-vaisselle ?

What material was used to make this bathroom organiser?

The material used to make this durable, sustainable accessory is PLA (Polylactic Acid) – a fully biodegradable, biobased, thermoplastic polymer. Polylactic acid is often made from corn starch or sugar cane. We also chose to use post-industrial, recycled polylactic acid, which was destined for the bin – but won't be going there! 

Combien d'organisateurs puis-je empiler au maximum ?

Autant que vous le souhaitez, mais à partir de 4 socles empilés attention à ne pas faire de mouvements brusques. Nous préconisons d'empiler les 3 organisateurs pour les 3 gammes (corps, cheveux, visage) en sachant que vous pouvez mettre plusieurs produits par organisateur. 

·         I don't know where to put my bathroom organiser. . . .

One of the advantages of this organiser is that it's very versatile! It works in any bathroom, and you can adapt it to your needs and habits. You could place it on the side of your bathtub, on the floor, on your shower shelf, or even use a cord to hang it up. And if you have more than one Incredible Organiser, you can stack them on top of each other! Just use your imagination and you'll find a solution that makes life easier! 

Can you swap round the inner trays or products? 

The illustrated inner trays were designed to help you identify your solid products. For example, the "hair" tray has one side for your solid shampoos and another for your solid conditioner. It's up to you which side you want to see! Of course, if you have both of these products, you can put them both on the same inner tray. By using the red Incredible Organiser to hold them, you'll know that they're products for the hair.

Ideally, you should have the other organisers (face and/or body), along with their associated inner trays, to hold all your solid products. Once you have all three, you can swap the trays and bases around as you wish! The most important thing is that you know which products are on which one! 

Where is the Incredible Organiser made?

Our bathroom organiser was designed and made in France, just 250 km away from our offices. It's made by the same artisan who produced our biosourced Oriculis and toothbrushes. 

Can I take it with me when I travel?

The Incredible Organiser was designed for use in the bathroom, to store your solid cosmetics and enable you to tell them apart. If you're travelling, we have better solutions to hold your products: our large, zero-waste toiletry pouch, our mini pouches made from upcycled fabric, and our glass jar! 

Bonjour, est ce que les supports a produits solides ont une évacuation d'eau ?

Oui tout a fait, l'eau s'évacue par les grilles !

What should I do if it breaks?

If your Incredible Organiser breaks, don't throw it away! Send it back to us for free and we'll make sure it gets a new life! 

Que devient mon Organisateur s'il se casse ?

Bien que l'Organisateur soit conçu pour durer des années, s'il vient à se casser ou si vous voulez vous en séparer, surtout ne le jetez pas ! Nous nous occupons de lui donner une nouvelle vie, vous n'avez qu'à nous le renvoyer gratuitement :)

Combien mesure un Organisateur de salle de bain ?

Les dimensions pour un Incroyable Organisateur sont : 11,6 cm x 9 cm x 7 cm.

·         Is this bathroom organiser water-resistant? Even over time? . . .

Yes! The material we chose to use is not only naturally derived and recycled; it's also highly resistant to water, humidity and shock. It's an object that was designed for use in the bathroom, and it won't change over time.