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A stylish way to protect your Soulbottle!   

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Made from cork, this bottle sleeve was designed to fit snugly around your 0.6 litre Soulbottle. If you're worried about breaking your glass drinking bottle, this is just what you need to protect it. Plus it's made from a natural, vegan material. What's not to love?

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Soulbottles is a German brand that produces glass drinking bottles with the aim of keeping plastic out of our oceans and keeping water clean! It's similar to Hydrophil, in that both brands are dedicated to protecting the world's water – our blue gold. 

Soulbottles sells zero-waste glass drinking bottles that are made locally from natural materials, vegan-friendly, and rather stylish too! Plus, when you buy one, you actively support a cause close to their heart: for every bottle sold, €1 is donated to projects dedicated to clean water and improving access to drinking water for all people worldwide. This work is carried out by the non-profit organisation Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli, which is also supported by Hydrophil! 

Soulbottles is a certified B Corporation (which means it must meet the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability) for its commitment to Fair Trade. It is also Fair Rubber certified, which guarantees that it uses natural rubber for the gaskets (seals) on its bottles. The bottles won't change the flavour of the drink inside, are 100% vegan, dishwasher-safe and leak-proof! 

This sleeve consists of two halves, which will fit around any 0.6 litre Soulbottle. These are held in place by two natural, elastic, thick rubber bands.

The cork used to make this bottle sleeve comes from Portugal. It's a sustainable material and guaranteed BPA-free. The two white bands that go around the sleeve are made from natural rubber.

    How should you wash the cork sleeve that goes around the Soulbottles? 

    We recommend cleaning your bottle sleeve with a spray made from 50% water and 50% white vinegar. Spray it over the sleeve generously, rub with a soft sponge, then leave it to air dry.