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Mini pouch & unwrapped shampoo for normal hair

A 100% zero-waste duo!

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Our new mini pouch and our Scots pine solid shampoo come together in this duo!

Now you can buy our solid shampoo for normal hair unwrapped, held in our mini pouch made from upcycled fabrics that were destined for the bin! It's pretty, practical, and very planet-friendly! 

If you buy several duos, we'll make sure we send you mini pouches in different designs. 

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The arrival of our new mini pouch was the perfect occasion to bring out this 100% zero-waste duo! If you want to reduce waste, then you'll love upcycling and unwrapped products – and that's just what you get with this upcycled mini pouch and unwrapped solid shampoo! 

Our mini pouches are made in France, less than 60 miles away from our offices, from upcycled fabrics. They give a second life to materials that were destined for the bin! You can use them to carry your solid cosmetics wherever you go. They're the perfect size for all of our solid cosmetics, and you could even fit two solid shampoos inside!

The fabrics used to make these pouches vary, so every mini pouch is unique!

Our Scots pine solid shampoo is ideal for normal hair. It contains essential oils, so it isn't suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. With this little duo, you can buy it unwrapped! 

Lather up your solid shampoo in your hands or directly on your hair, then rub it over your head to clean your scalp. After washing your hair, leave the shampoo to dry on a soap holder before slipping it into the mini pouch (which isn't waterproof). By drying it between uses, you'll also make it last longer :)

The mini pouch:

Upcycled fabric (cotton, polycotton or opaque polyester), label made from white cotton twill

Solid shampoo with Scots pine


* organically sourced

** naturally derived

*** derived from natural ingredients

**** naturally present in the essential oils

About the ingredients:

Sodium cocoyl isethionate / Decyl glucoside / Lauryl glucoside: components of the gentle surfactant derived from coconut oil, which helps the product to lather. They are among the least irritating surfactants on the market.

Kaolinite / Montmorillonite: kaolinite is the finest white clay and the most gentle on the skin. Montmorillonite is a green clay that has excellent absorbent properties and draws out impurities.

Stearic acid: derived from olive oil, it gives the product its solid consistency.

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil: certified-organic coconut oil; hydrates and nourishes.

Glycerin: hydrating agent derived from organic karanja oil.

Pinus sylvestris leaf oil: Scots pine essential oil. Used for its invigorating scent, it also has stimulating properties.

Limonene: one of the chemical compounds in Scots pine essential oil, and which may be allergenic.  

Slow Cosmétique, Cruelty Free & Vegan – Sulphate-free – Handmade in France, 12 months, 55ml

You can wash your mini pouch by hand, or machine-wash at 30°C. Please note that some pouches may shrink slightly when washed.

This duo really is 100% zero waste, as the fabric used for the mini pouch is upcycled, plus the shampoo is unwrapped!

    Quelles précautions dois-je prendre avant de l'utiliser ?

    Nos pochouettes sont fabriquées à partir de tissu d'ameublement ou de vêtement destiné à la poubelle. Il y a donc un risque que la pochouette rétrécisse suite au premier lavage. 

    Sa dimension peut donc légèrement changer suite à ce passage en machine. Pour avoir la dimension finale, nous vous conseillons de la laver une première fois avant son utilisation ! :)

    La pochouette n'étant pas imperméable, il est préférable de laisser sécher vos cosmétiques solides avant de les ranger à l'intérieur. Si cela n'est pas possible. Dès votre arrivée, sortez les afin qu'ils puissent sécher.  

    Bonjour J’ai un lissage brésilien et ne dois donc pas utiliser de shampoing avec sulfate. Les shampoings solides pour cheveux normaux et gras sont-ils bien sans sulfate? Merci!

    Non, aucun de nos shampoings n'en contiennent :)

    Bonjour, pour le shampoing a l'huile de coco, est ce qu'il y a de la glycérine ?

    Non, aucun de nos shampoings n'en contient.

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Pratique pour emporter partout et le shampoing sens très bon.

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