Solid shampoo for white hair with organic indigo powder

This shampoo is perfect for those with white, very fair or bleached hair. It promises to leave your hair bright and radiant, but that’s not all...


The two star ingredients in this shampoo are indigo powder and camomile, which work to neutralise and prevent brassy tones. We’ve also included castor and wheat germ oils, to strengthen and nourish the hair, and promote hair growth. Finally, a trio of relaxing essential oils (thyme, lavandin grosso and red mandarin) gives the shampoo a unique, fresh, irresistible scent!

Lamazuna now has 10 solid shampoos, so there’s a solution for all hair types! They’re all handmade in France, produce a generous lather, and are incredibly easy to use!

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Wet your hair, moisten the shampoo, then either apply it with your hands or rub it directly over your scalp. There's no need to apply the shampoo to the ends of your hair. Massage your scalp to work up a lather, then rinse well. It's as simple as that! 


To wash and care for the hair:

- A surfactant (sodium cocoyl isethionate) cleans the hair while being gentle on the scalp. This ingredient is plant-derived, but because the manufacturing process involves a chemical reaction, it cannot be certified organic. We chose this surfactant to avoid using sulphate surfactants that are harsh on your hair and the environment, as well as those with disappointing cleansing properties.

- A secondary surfactant (coco-glucoside) boosts the lather created by the sodium cocoyl isethionate.

- Indigo extract (polygonum tinctorium leaf extract*) is a local, natural plant dye that gives the shampoo its blue colour!

- Castor oil (ricinus communis seed oil*) contains 85 to 92% ricinoleic acid, and encourages hair growth thanks to a lipid compound called prostaglandin.

- Wheat germ oil (triticum vulgare germ oil*), rich in Vitamins A, D, K and E, strengthens the hair. Its high content of linoleic and oleic acids gives it nourishing benefits, while linolenic acid helps to improve elasticity.

- Camomile infused oil (chamomilla recutita flower extract, helianthus annuus seed oil*) helps to prevent yellow tones in white hair.

To give the shampoo its sensorial qualities and make it last:

- Palmitic acid, stearic acid: fatty acids derived from olive oil that help to keep the shampoo solid and make it last.

- Vitamin E (tocopherol, helianthus annuus seed oil): a plant-derived antioxidant that prevents the botanical oils from going rancid. It’s contained in sunflower oil. While this ingredient may seem insignificant, it actually plays an important role in the durability of the product.

- Thyme linalool essential oil (thymus vulgaris flower/leaf oil*) is the most gentle thyme essential oil, and has antibacterial and stimulating properties.

- Lavandin grosso essential oil (lavandula hybrida oil*) has calming, relaxing, and also healing properties.

- Red mandarin essential oil (citrus reticulata peel oil*) is ideal for combating stress and anxiety.

By using our solid shampoos, you'll avoid using liquid shampoos in plastic bottles. What's more, they last even longer than the liquid version, and you won't waste a single drop!

We put a lot of thought and care into our formulas to ensure that they're as natural as possible. We wanted to use a gentle, sulphate-free surfactant that was compatible with the manufacturing process for a solid cosmetic, as well as product usage. It had to have excellent cleansing properties and produce a good lather, and also be plant-derived and easily biodegradable. For us, the only surfactant that met all these criteria was SCI, which combines naturalness with pleasure of use and effectiveness. It means that our shampoos cannot be certified COSMOS Organic, but we felt this was the right decision.

At Lamazuna, all our products are designed to be zero waste, and we take into account every stage in their life cycle to ensure that they're as environmentally friendly as possible. Our packaging is made from recyclable cardboard (because we can't send our products to you naked, but you can recycle the boxes of course!). And if you want to avoid packaging altogether, you can buy our products loose at the Lamazuna store in Paris and from many of our retailers.

    Can the solid shampoos for white hair and sensitive scalps be used by a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding ? ...

    These two shampoos contain essential oils, so you are strongly advised not to use them if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Is the solid shampoo for white hair only for white hair ? ...

    White hair is demanding hair. But this shampoo is also suitable for light blonde or bleached hair.

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Shampooing pour cheveux blancs

J’apprécie bcp ce shampoing solide . Mes cheveux blancs sont magnifiques .
Seul bémol , j’ai l’habitude d’accrocher mes produits solides grâce au système aimant ventouse . Il se trouve que mon shampoing solide s’est très rapidement cassé en 2 . Est-ce parce que c’est une forme ronde mais avec un diamètre plus grand donc un savon plus fin en épaisseur ?


shampoing solide cheveux blancs

Je suis une cliente récente et très satisfaite! Le produit est très bien et mousse comme il faut.


Shampoing solide pour cheveux décolorés

Je suis vraiment fan du shampoing solide cheveux blancs, mes cheveux sont beaucoup plus beaux depuis que j'utilise la marque Lamazuna


Shampoing solide pour cheveux décolorés

Moi je suis fan depuis que j'ai découvert cette marque. Mes cheveux sont beaucoup plus beaux depuis que j'utilise le shampoing solide


Shampoing solide pour mes cheveux blonds

Je suis devenue adepte des shampoings solides. Celui-ci me convient particulièrement pour mes cheveux blonds. J'adore son parfum.



Ce shampooing a réussi à prendre soin de mes cheveux blancs sans effet "jaune et ,incroyable,au fil de son utilisation il a permis que l effet de mon balayage s illumine


Bon produit aussi pour les cheveux blonds

J'ai les cheveux blonds et il me convient très bien. Produit qui nourrit mes cheveux abîmés par l'oxydation, pas de reflets jaune. Bon produit !

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