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Herbal Mouth Oil – Hydrophil

Made with plant ingredients, this mouth oil can be used to complete your oral hygiene routine and get your day off to a fresh start!

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  • Made by Hydrophil in Germany
  • Cares for teeth and irritated gums
  • Contains certified-organic ingredients and essential oils
  • Opal glass bottle

More information

Why not include this herbal mouth oil in your morning oral hygiene routine? It was developed for the "oil pulling" method, which protects and cleans your teeth and gums! This technique has been used for thousands of years to clean the mouth, and detoxify and care for the body. The ingredients that were chosen for this oil, such as sage and clove oil, support the natural functions of your mouth's mucous membranes and help to "pull away" bacteria that can cause tooth decay. 

This mouth oil is held in a stylish, 100ml opal glass bottle. 

It doesn't contain any fluoride and is perfectly safe for children! 

In the morning, take a teaspoon of Herbal Mouth Oil and swish and swirl it around your mouth, "pulling" it through your teeth. Spit it out after use (don't swallow!), then brush your teeth as usual. 

Sesame oil*, sage oil*, aniseed oil, clove flower oil, neem oil, cinnamon bark oil, cardamom oil, lime**, linalool**, cinnamon alcohol**, eugenol**.

* Ingredient from organic farming

** Naturally present in the essential oils

Like all Hydrophil products, the Herbal Mouth Oil is water-neutral, vegan and fairly traded!

The Hydrophil mouth oil is made with organic ingredients and held in an opal glass bottle, to help keep plastic out of your bathroom!  

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