La tisane de jour

Daytime herbal tea

This delicious herbal tea is made from wild-harvested plants!

Crafted in the Auvergne region of France.


The entire Lamazuna team created this herbal tea – with a little help from Amaya and Charly from the "Happy Plantes" company! 

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We wanted it to have a fresh, energizing flavour so you could drink it throughout the day. 

Our herbal tea is made with lemon verbena, peppermint, hibiscus and rosemary. Perfect to help you feel great all day long!

All the plants used in the tea are wild-harvested.

You can drink it hot or cold; it's equally delicious both ways!  

With our 25g sachet, you can make around 20 cups of herbal tea!

How to prepare your herbal tea

For a delicious aroma:

Mix the contents of your herbal tea by shaking it in its sachet or in a box.

Take two teaspoons to make one cup and place in an infuser.

Add boiling water.

Wait for 10 minutes…then drink!

You can re-steep your herbal tea several times!

Our herbal tea is held in a large sachet made from recyclable paper. 

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Avec le retour de l'automne et des premiers feux, c'est idéal pour se mettre dans le canapé avec une bonne tisane

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