Natural stone nail file


Nail file made from natural stone and designed to last. 

Handmade in France by the only remaining workshop that's able to make nail files from stone! 


Nail file made from soft, natural stone from the Pyrenees, handmade in France.

Ideal for keeping your nails neat and healthy! :)

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Excellent results: the semi-hard stone is a sandstone schist that's very fine and even – ideal for caring for your nails.

Easy to look after: if you want your nail file to last a lifetime, simply clean it with a small brush and some soap or white vinegar after each use.

Supporting local business: by purchasing this nail file, you're supporting the last remaining workshop in France that makes natural whetstones. 

Dimensions: length: 10.8 cm – narrow end: 0.8 cm – wide end: 1.9 cm – thickness: 0.5 cm – weight: approx. 20 grams

Begin by filing your nails from the sides to the centre, to achieve the shape you want. Do one side at a time, making sure you don't use a back-and-forth motion, as this can weaken the nails. Finish by smoothing out the tip of the nail.  

A natural nail file with two different surface textures:

One side with a smooth finish, obtained by polishing with water and an abrasive band. This side is engraved with our logo.

One side that's more abrasive, to file nails into shape, obtained by polishing the nail file in a moving tank filled with water and gravel. 

This nail file will last a lifetime. You won't need to buy one ever again! So it's not only good for the planet, it's also good for your wallet!

Plus, the box is made from recycled cardboard!

    Bonjour, Une cliente me demande si la lime à ongles peut aussi servir de polissoir (pour le dessus des ongles)? Merci beaucoup, bonne journée et à bientôt!

    Oui, tout à fait ! Il n'y a pas de contre-indication :)

    Combien de temps la parfum sent-il sur la peau ?

    le parfum est perceptible sur la peau pendant 3 heures

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Lime agréable d’utilisation

Lime offerte à ma belle sœur qui la trouve pratique et efficace. Facile à transporter en voyage ou sac à main qui en plus, est vraiment esthétique



Je l'utilise depuis quelques-unes mois, elle lime en douceur, je la trouve juste un peu épaisse mais ce n'est qu'un détail



D'ordinaire je n'utile pas de lime a ongle car elle ne son pas assez efficace mais celle la je n'es que un mot a dire wouaw.
Elle est tellement plus efficace que les autre c'est vraiment super.



Très joli objet, agréable à manipuler. Doux mais efficace

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