Herbal Mouthwash Essence – Hydrophil

Just three drops of this plant-based mouthwash concentrate are all you need to clean your mouth!


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This effective mouthwash is a concentrated formula: you simply add three drops to a glass of water (100ml is enough to make 130 liters of mouthwash!). Made in Germany with organic ingredients, it's free of fluoride and held in a stylish opal glass bottle. It's a great way to give a fresh start to your day!  

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This eco-friendly mouthwash concentrate is made in Germany by Hydrophil. Held in a stylish opal glass bottle, it contains peppermint, clove, sage and tea tree essential oils.

These high-quality oils help to keep your breath fresh and also help the mucous membranes in your mouth to function normally. It's an excellent addition to your daily oral hygiene routine! 

Alcohol*, water, menthol, spearmint oil, peppermint oil*, sage oil*, tea tree oil, lavender oil, Chinese cinnamon oil, clove oil, lime**, linalool**, cinnamol**, eugenol**.

Contains 85% alcohol by volume.

* Ingredient from organic farming

** naturally present in the essential oils

Like all Hydrophil products, the Herbal Mouthwash Essence is water-neutral, vegan and fairly traded! 

Shake bottle well before use, then add three drops to a glass of water. Rinse your mouth for about 30 seconds then spit out. Don't swallow! 

- Economical: 100ml of mouthwash concentrate = 130 liters of mouthwash

- Fluoride-free

- Contains organically grown ingredients

    Le bain de bouche est-il contre-indiqué pendant une grossesse? 

    Le bain de bouche est effectivement contre-indiqué pendant une grossesse ou un allaitement car celui-ci contient des huiles essentielles. :)

    Is the Herbal Mouthwash Essence effective against gum disease?

    The Herbal Mouthwash isn't a treatment for gum disease, but it does have a beneficial effect on oral flora. To prevent gum disease, we recommend that you brush your teeth regularly with a toothbrush that is no older than three months, and that you use a mouthwash too. Make sure you use a suitable toothbrush (soft, medium or hard bristles). If gum disease occurs, we recommend that you see your doctor to decide what treatment is best.  

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