Big sandwich bag - Alterosac

These cotton sandwich bags are lined with an organic waterproof fabric. They're the perfect zero-waste solution for picnics or snacks!  


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These pretty sandwich bags are available in three designs!  

These bags are the biggest size we offer. It is ideal for sandwiches or bigger snacks (if you're feeling extra-hungry!) and is held closed by a string. 

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Our big sandwich bag size is 30 x 15 cm. As for the design, just choose the one(s) you like best from the three! 

Alterosac is a brand that offers zero-waste textile alternatives made from organic linen and cotton.  

This caring, committed brand is French! All its items are handmade in their workshop in the Haute-Savoie region, in collaboration with a workshop in the Paris region that helps to get people back into the workplace. 

Alterosac only uses sustainable raw materials to make its products, such as organic French linen, hemp, and cotton that's either organic, GOTS certified or OEKO-TEX certified. The brand aims to minimize its environmental impact while creating useful, innovative, zero-waste products for your kitchen – or for shopping! 

At Lamazuna, we love this brand! We've selected some of our favourite Alterosac products specially for you. Go on, take a look!  

These sandwich bags are made from cotton and lined with an organic waterproof fabric, so they'll carry your food with no need to worry about leaks or mess! 

The big sandwich bag is held closed by a string. 

You can use these sandwich bags for a picnic or snack, or to hold leftover dry food! 

These bags can be machine-washed at 30°C. 

Once you've started using these sandwich bags, you won't need to use disposable plastic or aluminium wrapping anymore! Plus, because they last for so long, they're also eco-affordable! 

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