Large pouch for loose items - KUFU

These colourful and designed KUFU pouches for loose items will put you in a good mood for your Zero waste groceries! :)


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Use this pouch for your groceries but also as an eco-friendly wrapping for cereals, biscuits or any other snack! Upcycled cloths are all different so all uniques! :)

More information

Kufu is an artisanal brand from Lyon that we know well, as they're only about 60 miles away from us! This brilliant, ethical brand – with whom we worked last year – creates upcycled products to help you live a zero-waste lifestyle. The name KUFU comes from a Japanese concept that means "make do with what you have" – and this pretty much sums up the ideology of the brand's founder, Sabrina, who creates reusable products from scrap fabric. 

Her items are 100% made in France. Each one is unique, colourful and beautifully crafted by hand. You'll find loose produce bags, bread bags and even napkins made from upcycled fabric scraps and organic cotton! 

Kufu's items are made of biological cotton canvas, woven in the Vosges region of France, and have the GOTS' certification. The rope also is made of cotton. Then, the upcycled cloth comes from cloth scraps. The big pouch is 32 x 24 cm and the grammage is indicated on the item to make the tare easier in the shop! :) 

Use your pouch for loose items to make your grocery shopping, but also to carry any other items of everyday life!

You can wash your pouch at 30° in a dishwasher. We recommend to wash it before the first use!

Kufu products are Zero waste in their function but also in their tailoring. In their function because they replace disposable items such as plastic bags. And in the tailoring, because they're made of cloth scraps initially dedicated to the bin! With Kufu items you can go grocery shopping or carry anything without producing any waste! :)

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