Soap pouch - Hydrophil

If you love using soap bars, then you'll love the Hydrophil soap pouch!


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Made from sisal, this little pouch not only holds your soap; it also prevents all those little slivers of soap from slipping between your fingers and down the drain!

100% biodegradable, it's ideal for use in the shower: it helps your soap to lather up, while its textured surface exfoliates the skin, to leave it feeling silky soft.  

More information

  • Pouch made from sisal – an all-natural fibre that comes from a plant and therefore a renewable material!  
  • The pouch is completely biodegradable.

Simply put your soap bar in the pouch, then use it to wash your hands and/or body. It cleans and exfoliates at the same time! 

If you want to clean the pouch, all you have to do is take out the soap and wash it at 30°C. 

This soap pouch is completely free of plastic and made from 100% natural materials, so it won't have any negative impact on the environment!

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Super qualité

Pas encore utilisé ! Mais l’envoie est rapide :) pas d’emballage plastique :) ce qui est super ! :)


pochon à savon

J'adore et en plus il me fait la peau douce

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