Linen socks – FANTOME

These stylish socks are made in France and knitted mostly from linen!


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Linen comes from the flax plant, which is widely grown in France, so linen is the most local natural fibre for making socks! Growing flax requires less water than cotton, making linen a more eco-friendly fabric :)

Choose from two sizes and three colours!

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These linen socks offer an alternative to socks made from cotton, which is a thirsty plant that needs lots of water to grow. Not only is linen a more eco-friendly fabric; it also regulates body temperature, so it's great for keeping you cool in the summer!

The pattern on these socks is called the "boooo line", as it's made up of horizontal lines with a few little ghosts added in! 

FANTOME is a French brand that was born from a desire to do things right! All the suppliers and artisans who work for the brand are located as close as possible. FANTOME manufactures quality items that are designed to last. There's no planned obsolescence! The products are vegan and zero waste. FANTOME loves upcycling – which is all about making new products from old, used ones. Its items made from used inner tubes are the perfect example!   

FANTOME products are certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA.  

  • 70% linen
  • 18% cotton
  • 10% polyamide
  • 2% elastane

The flax used to make this linen is grown in France, then spun in Poland. The socks are made in France. 

You can wash these socks by hand or machine-wash at 30°C. To help them last longer, do not tumble dry.  

Let your feet do their bit for the planet! Opt for socks made from linen – a fabric that's more eco-friendly than water-thirsty cotton.

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