Organic solid conditioner

A new product for your zero-waste bathroom is here!!

Our brilliant, organic, vegan, solid conditioner is handmade in France and has an irresistible soft vanilla scent!


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Suitable for all hair types, it intensely nourishes your hair, leaving it feeling silky soft and easier to manage.  

cosmetique-bio.png All the ingredients in our conditioner are 100% naturally derived, and it carries the COSMOS Organic label. 

It's also free of essential oils, so it's perfectly safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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Our solid conditioner is one of our new products for 2020. We're very proud of it, and we hope you'll love it as much as we do!

It joins our range of solid cosmetics and complements our other natural, zero-waste hair products. 

Our solid conditioner intensely nourishes, makes your hair easier to manage, and leaves it feeling beautifully silky. Plus it works with all hair types!   

Its shape was designed to make it easy to hold and apply :)

All the ingredients in our conditioner are 100% naturally derived, and it carries the COSMOS Organic label. 

You'll love its exotic scent – and you'll love how soft your hair feels after using it! 

It's also free of essential oils, so it's perfectly safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

100% naturally derived ingredients:

Zea mays starch*: corn starch absorbs any excess sebum on the lengths of your hair and leaves hair feeling silky. It also has a mattifying effect and gives a soft and velvety feel to the product. 

Glyceryl stearate**: this self-emulsifying base, made from rapeseed and olive oils, makes it possible to obtain a creamy texture on contact with water.

Cocos nucifera oil*: coconut oil, used for its nourishing action, smoothes the hair and gives shine and vitality.

Polyglyceryl-4 oleate**: this surfactant has a cleansing effect and is used to ensure that the ends of the hair are fully clean (plant-derived, palm-free).

Copernicia cerifera cera*: carnauba wax has excellent film-forming properties, which enables it to protect the hair. It also gives consistency to the product.

Fragrance**: a delicate, naturally derived vanilla scent.

Glyceryl citrate cross polymer**, glycerin**, aqua, caprylyl/capryl wheat bran / straw glycosides**, sorbitol**: biodegradable surfactants giving a slight foaming effect.

Tocopherol**, helianthus annuus seed oil**:  plant-derived antioxidant (Vitamin E), prevents the oxidation of botanical oils and waxes, diluted in sunflower oil to make it easier to use. 

Caesalpinia spinosa gum*: tara gum, also known as Peruvian carob, is a conditioner that's used to make hair easier to manage.

INCI list:


* from organic farming • 47.5% of the total ingredients are from organic farming

** naturally derived

Cosmos Organic certified by Cosmécert according to the Cosmos standard.

Free of essential oils and therefore suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

The wide, flat shape of our conditioner was designed to make it easy to hold and apply.

- After washing your hair, squeeze out any excess water, then apply a small amount of conditioner with your fingers (working it into a lather in your hands first).

- Alternatively, you can apply it directly to lengths and ends.

- Work the conditioner through your hair, then rinse off. It's as simple as that! 

Keep the conditioner on a self-draining soap dish between uses so that it dries properly – and lasts a long time!

Our solid conditioner will save you from using countless plastic bottles, plus it's made with 100% naturally derived ingredients!

As for the packaging, it's made from 100% recycled cardboard. 

    Does the hair conditioner contain essential oils?

    No, this conditioner doesn't contain essential oils, so it can be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

    Does the hair conditioner contain quaternary ammonium compounds (quats)? 

    No, we don't use any quats in our conditioner.

    Bonjour, Je voulais savoir si l'après shampoing passe dans votre pot en verre Cordialement Eva

    Non, notre après-shampoing ne rentre pas dans le pot en verre. Celui-ci est trop grand. :)

    Bonjour, combien de grammes fait ce produit svp? Merci d'avance ! Bonne journée.

    Notre après-shampoing pèse environ 12 grammes. :) 

    Convient-il à tous les types de cheveux ?

    L'après-shampoing peut convenir à tous les types de cheveux. Pour les cheveux très frisés ou crépus, l'application devra être un peu plus travaillée avec les doigts afin d'appliquer le produit correctement.

    Comment appliquer l'après-shampoing sur mes cheveux ?

    Une fois vos cheveux lavés et essorés, appliquez directement une légère quantité de produit sur vos pointes et longueurs ou avec le bout de vos doigts, puis rincez ! 

    L'après-shampoing peut-il être utilisé par une femme enceinte ou allaitante ? 

    Bien sûr car il ne contient pas d'huiles essentielles. :)

    Doit-on laisser poser l'après-shampoing sur les cheveux avant de le rincer ?

    Le laisser poser quelques minutes permettra aux cheveux de bénéficier de l'aspect nourrissant de l'huile de coco et des agents conditionner. Cela n'aura pas la même efficacité qu'un masque mais ce ne sera que mieux le laisser poser quelques minutes. :)

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Reçu dans une box, première utilisation d'un après-shampoing solide, mes doutes se sont envolés, mes cheveux sont très doux et vaporeux, ils se sont placés tout seul, juste séchage sans brushing :)


La perle.

L'alternative idéale. impossible de trouver un après-shampoing zéro déchet... Je valide celui-là !!


best solid conditioner ever!

I've only had very bad experience with solid conditioner in the past so i was very positively surprised by your product.
First of all, it's so easy to use and the smell is amazing. It's not heavy but really natural and i love it. It's not the kind of solid conditioner that doesnt blend in your hair or makes clumps all over the place but doesnt work. So far, so good!
On my dry hair, it leaves it soft and hydrated, so after a couple of uses i can say that i really had a great experience so far and will continue using it.
The only negative thing i've notice so far its that it's solid but when it gets a little warmer it tends to melt a little and a lot of product gets stuck in the paper case. That might not be great in the summer or if the reseller do not pay attention to conservation might have problems. It also needs to be kept in a solid case, metal or plastic, in your shower unless you want it to melt away... but this is the only negative note i've noticed about the product.


J'adore !!!

Je suis trop fan !!! J'ai pu le tester pour la première fois hier soir et j'adore. Sa texture est top et s'applique facilement sur mes cheveux épais. Au rinçage, il laisse mes cheveux vraiment doux. et facilite le coiffage !!!!


Je suis ultra contente d'avoir découvert l'après-shampoing solid

Après application, mes longueurs sont beaucoup plus douces et soyeuses sans pour autant alourdir ma chevelure fragile (ma crainte principale... Team Cheveux Fins vous savez de quoi je parle !). ????Un geste simple et #zerodechet que je suis contente d'ajouter à ma routine capillaire pour apporter un peu plus d'amour à mes cheveux. “

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