Lemon & sage solid toothpaste

A superb solid toothpaste! Lemon, with antibacterial properties, helps to look after your teeth, while sage powder, with healing benefits, works to protect your gums!


  • Lasts as long as two toothpaste tubes
  • Zero waste objective 
  • Natural origin 
  • Vegan 
  • Without sulfates
  • Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women or children under 12

More information

Our solid toothpaste is handmade in the region around Nice. We've used natural ingredients and absolutely no sulfates. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which has antibacterial properties, so it helps to reduce plaque and is good for your overall oral health. We've added a few drops of lemon essential oil and chose to use sage powder to protect your gums! 

How to use it :

Wet your toothbrush with warm water, then rub it over the solid toothpaste. You don't need much toothpaste for it to be effective, as it will foam up when it mixes with your saliva. Brush your teeth just as you would with your usual toothpaste, then rinse your mouth with water! 

Storage :

There are countless ways to store your toothpaste! For example, you could keep it on a soap dish, in your toothbrush holder, in the Lamazuna jar, or simply slip it back into its box. This toothpaste is solid and doesn't contain any water – and bacteria need water to multiply – so you don't have to worry about hygiene! If you keep your toothpaste in a glass, make sure the head is at the top.   

Precautions for use: not suitable for pregnant women or children under the age of six. If you are taking a homeopathic remedy, avoid brushing your teeth for 30 minutes before or after taking it.  


Since September 2017, a new standard ISO 16128 has defined a method for calculating natural, natural, biological and biological origin indices. This common frame of reference enables all brands to be compared on the same basis.

For the sage lemon toothpaste, this percentage is 97.2%, knowing that we always work to maximize it.


*labelled organic

**naturally present in essential oils

Explanation of herbal ingredients :

Calcium carbonate: Calcium carbonate cleans and increases the shine of teeth. It is the first one indicated on the list of ingredients of our solid toothpaste, which means that it is present in greater quantities in the composition!

Cocos nucifera oil*, coconut fatty acid: Coconut oil that also nourishes the gums.

Sodium cocoyl isethionate: Surfactant with foaming and cleansing properties

Stearic acid: Most often extracted from palm oil but in our case extracted from olive oil, it solidifies the toothpaste.

Slavia officinalista leaf powder: Officinal sage powder

Citrus limon peel oil: Lemon essential oil

Limonene, citral: Allergens present in the essential oil that must be indicated.

Aqua/Water: A few drops of water to make the dough soft to pour it into the moulds before it evaporates.

Capacity: 13 mL and 12-month OAP.

This solid toothpaste contains lemon essential oil, so it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 3 years of age.

When you buy this solid toothpaste, that's two plastic toothpaste tubes that won't be going in the waste bin!

Once you've finished, just add the stick to your compost, so there's zero waste! The cardboard box is also biodegradable, printed with vegetable inks and coated with a non-toxic finish, so you can compost it too! 

    My toothpaste doesn't foam up!

    This is perfectly normal when you use a natural toothpaste. Conventional toothpastes will produce a generous foam, but that's because they contain synthetic surfactants – so the foam is actually anything but natural. The amount of foam is not an indicator of how well the toothpaste will clean your teeth. It's the same with our shampoos. Foaming agents and surfactants are responsible for producing a foam or lather, but they don't have any cleaning effect.

    For as long as you have toothpaste on your toothbrush when you start to brush, and your teeth feel nice and smooth afterwards, then you can rest assured that your teeth are clean. If you're bothered by the lack of foam, it's for psychological reasons only!

    With use and over time, your toothpaste will lose its hardness. If you feel there isn't enough toothpaste in your mouth, simply rub your toothbrush over it again. 

    When we created this toothpaste, we were very clear about what we wanted (and did not want!), so there are no ingredients in it that are there to produce a generous foam. People are used to toothpastes producing a foam if they always buy conventional toothpastes in a tube. 

    Plus, because you only use a small amount of toothpaste each time you brush your teeth, you'll save money! 

    Can I let my child use my toothpaste?

    This toothpaste contains peppermint essential oil, so it's not recommended for children under the age of six, or for pregnant women. For your child to use it, s/he has to be able to brush their teeth on their own and without swallowing any toothpaste. Our cinnamon solid toothpaste, on the other hand, is safe for children as it doesn't contain any essential oils. 

    Why doesn't the solid toothpaste contain fluoride? 

    The decision not to use fluoride in our toothpaste was based on recent studies, which indicate that fluoride may be harmful to the human body when ingested in large amounts. Given that we already ingest fluoride every day – as it can be found in food and even in water – we didn't want to provide another source of it! So we're not against fluoride in small amounts, but we prefer not to use it in our products. 

    How should I store my solid toothpaste between uses? 

    You could slip your solid toothpaste into a toothbrush holder if it's wide enough for it to go in vertically, or keep it on a saucer or soap holder. It's antibacterial, so it can't get "dirty"! However, if you're not comfortable with the idea of it gathering a little dust, you could always keep it in a mini jam jar or an old lip balm jar and make a hole or slot in the lid for the toothpaste stick to go through. Our Lamazuna jar is perfect, as there are little slots in the lid, so the stick can go through one of them! 

    How should I transport the solid toothpaste?

    You can put your solid toothpaste in the Lamazuna jar, or an old mini jam jar or lip balm jar, and simply make a hole or slot in the lid for the stick to go through. You could also wrap it in a face cloth – just as with our solid shampoos.   

    Can several members of the family use the same solid toothpaste?

    Our solid toothpaste is antibacterial, so there's no risk of spreading germs from one person to another. However, if you're not comfortable with the idea of sharing it, you could always have a different toothpaste for each family member and personalize the sticks, so that everyone has their own design! A dash of nail polish, a name written with a marker pen, a strip of masking tape... Get creative and give your toothpaste a personal touch! 

    Given that this toothpaste contains peppermint essential oil, is it safe for someone taking a homeopathic treatment to use it?

    It's perfectly safe to use this solid toothpaste while taking a homeopathic treatment. Just make sure you leave at least half an hour between brushing your teeth and taking your homeopathic remedy, so the peppermint essential oil won't cancel out any beneficial effect. 

    Can I really compost the stick when my solid toothpaste is finished?

    Of course, you can also use it as a plantation marker for example!

    Can I use my solid toothpaste when I go hiking?

    The toothpaste is made with 100% naturally derived ingredients, so whether they're botanical or mineral, they come from nature. This means you can use your solid toothpaste (and your solid shampoo, for that matter!) when you're up in the mountains or down by a river. You won't create any pollution! 

    Can the solid toothpaste be used with an electric toothbrush?

    The vibrations of an electric toothbrush can be a bit too much for our solid toothpaste! We recommend that you begin by wetting your toothbrush head and rubbing it over the toothpaste to work up a slight foam. Then you can switch the brush on! 

    Why do I have to use warm water with the toothpaste? (It means that I waste water!)

    We recommend wetting your toothpaste with warm water as it then dissolves better, but if you'd rather use cold water, that will work too!  

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À améliorer

C'est le premier dentifrice solide que je teste et malheureusement je ne suis pas convaincue.
Voici les différentes choses qui me gène avec ce produit : goût pas agréable, absence de sensation de dent propre et absence de sensation d'haleine fraiche


Peut mieux faire

Autant j'adore le shampoing autant je n'aime pas du tout le dentifrice. D'une part, je trouve l'utilisation d'eau chaude peu écologique (certes quand même plus qu'un dentifrice classique mais quand même) au vu du temps que notre chaudière met à produire de l'eau chaude... d'autre part, j'ai été destabilisée par le fait que le dentifrice ne mousse pas et que je ne savais jamais si j'avais du dentifrice sur la brosse ou pas.


À perfectionner

Produit naturel, zéro déchet, végane et fabriqué en France, ça c'est top!

Le goût est agréable en bouche mais ça manque de texture et il faut vraiment frotter le dentifrice sur la brosse à dent pour avoir un minimum qui soit déposé. Le souci est qu'il vous faudra pas mal d'utilisation avant de pouvoir prendre la matière plus aisément avec les frottements. Autre chose, oubliez les frottements à l'eau froide, ça ne fonctionne pas, il vous faudra au minimum de l'eau tiède, l'eau bien chaude étant l'idéal pour une utilisation optimale.

Le principe du bâtonnet est vraiment bien sauf qu'effectivement après de nombreuses utilisations, le dentifrice se casse et si vous souhaitez le finir il faudra alors le répandre à la main sauf que ça le fragilise d'autant plus et vous passerez votre temps à le casser en deux, puis encore en deux etc. Jusqu'à l'impossibilité de le finir complètement. J'ai acheté deux dentifrices et j'ai attendu de finir le premier avant d'entamer l'autre. En cas d'utilisation maladroite de ma part, je me suis dis que je procèderai différemment mais malheureusement, le dentifrice se cassera toujours alors qu'il vous restera pas mal de matière.


J'ai adoré cette innovation,

J'ai adoré cette innovation, ce n'est point banal. J'avais déjà essayé le dentifrice en poudre mais j'ai été bluffée par cette nouvelle sensation.
Je ne suis pas du tout vegan mais quelle joie de participer au bien-être de la planète en choisissant des produits éco-responsables, éthiques, équitables, et respectueux de la santé.
Points forts
Trop heureuse d'avoir ENFIN trouvé un dentifrice sans menthe même si le goût de la sauge écrase le goût du citron.
Points faibles
Peu de prise de produit mais finalement, n'est-ce-pas le brossage qui est le plus utile et efficace ?



Tres bizarre de se laver les dents de cette façon, et pourtant...ce dentifrice solide nettoie parfaitement bien les dents et laisse une haleine fraiche grace aux huiles essentielles.
Conçu avec des produits naturels qui ne font aucun mal à notre corps contrairement aux dentifrices du commerce bourrés de produits toxiques et endocrinogènes.



Gout très agréable.
Au début, difficile de s'y mettre car on est trop habitué aux dentifrices qui moussent beaucoup. Mais, petit a petit, on se rend compte que le dentifrice solide Lamazuna, lui, lave vraiment nos dents !!

Adopté, il me suit partout.

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