Stainless steel tea infuser for the Friendly drinking bottle – Gaspajoe

You can use this stainless steel tea infuser with the "L'Isotherme" drinking bottle.


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The essential accessory to use with your insulated stainless steel drinking bottle!

Place this tea infuser directly inside your insulated drinking bottle so you can infuse your tea or herbal tea in it!

To find the insulated drinking bottle to use with this accessory, click here.

More information

This tea infuser is made from 100% stainless steel and can (only!) be used with the "L'Isotherme" stainless steel drinking bottle to infuse your tea and herbal teas in the bottle itself!


- 100% stainless steel

- Compatible with the "L'Isotherme" stainless steel drinking bottle

Fill your infuser with regular or herbal tea leaves, place it inside your insulated drinking bottle, then fill it with hot water. Leave it to infuse, then sip your drink straight from the bottle!  

You can wash the tea infuser in the dishwasher or by hand. 

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