Yummy Stainless steel lunch box – Gaspajoe

A 100% stainless steel, zero-waste lunch box that's ever so practical! 


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This 1200ml stainless steel lunch box is ideal for holding pre-prepared meals, so you can take them to work, or on a picnic! It's 100% airtight and features a moveable divider, so you can separate the foods you put inside. 

The lunch box is also ovenproof, so you could even cook or heat up your meals in it (without the lid)! Just remember: ovenproof doesn't mean microwave-safe, so DON'T put it in the microwave!

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1200ml lunch box with sliding moveable divider. Can be used to cook your food and carry it anywhere! 


- 100% stainless steel (18/8)

- Airtight silicone seal

Accessories included: 

- Stainless steel sliding moveable divider

- Stainless steel closing clips

This stainless steel, airtight lunch box can be used to cook your meals, as it can go in the oven – but NOT the microwave! Use it to carry your food to work or anywhere else. It includes a divider, so you can separate items inside: perfect if you want to keep your dessert away from the rest of your meal!

You can wash the lunch box in your dishwasher or by hand.

By using a stainless steel lunch box, you'll avoid using disposable plastic versions or takeaway meals in disposable packaging. What's more, stainless steel doesn't alter the taste or smell of your food!  

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