Toothbrush mug – Hydrophil

Made from a bio-based material called Arboblend®, this attractive mug is ideal for holding your toothbrush or preparing your mouthwash :)


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Plastic-free and made from renewable raw materials, it's also very strong! Perfect for your bathroom – or why not your kitchen?  

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This toothbrush mug, from the German brand Hydrophil, is ideal for holding your toothbrushes and makes an excellent accessory for anyone who wants to have an eco-friendly, zero-waste bathroom! 

But this mug doesn't have to belong in your bathroom... You could also keep it in your kitchen and use it as a drinking mug, or take it with you when you go camping!

As with all Hydrophil products, this toothbrush mug is water-neutral, vegan and fairly traded. 

Made from an innovative material called Arboblend®, this mug is guaranteed BPA- and petroleum-free. 

Arboblend® is a biobased material that's also known as "liquid wood" and is made from renewable resources such as cellulose, natural wax, and lignin. 

The Hydrophil mug is manufactured just outside Hamburg. When you no longer need your mug, Hydrophil can give it a new life by recycling it in its production facility! 

There's no excuse for using plastic when you can use Hydrophil accessories! :)

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