Set of 4 washable baby wipes – VIWA

Made with organic terry cloth, this set of four baby wipes is perfect for wiping baby's face, hands and bottom! 


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If you're working towards a zero-waste lifestyle, then say goodbye to disposable baby wipes and hello to reusable ones, which can be used around 300 times!

Ideal for cleaning your baby's hands or face, you can also use them when changing baby's nappy/diaper.

Made from organic terry cloth, these multi-use wipes feature colourful prints, so they're not just practical; they're also attractive!

Measuring 10 x 13 cm, they're just the right size for all your baby-wiping needs!

More information

VIWA is a beautiful brand from Lyon! And if you're wondering where the brand's name comes from, VIWA means "a child has arrived" in the Fon language of Benin. This ethical brand was created by a mother with a background in quality assurance, and is aimed at people looking for meaningful, colourful products for babies and toddlers. VIWA's products evoke the beautiful patterns and colours of Africa, and will stimulate your baby's senses!

VIWA is also committed to building a better world. Its products don't just look good; there's also a strong focus on quality, and social and environmental criteria. The products are crafted locally in a workshop that helps people to get back into the workplace. What's not to love?

These washable baby wipes come in sets of four, each set with its own colours and design. The wipes measure 10 x 13 cm and weigh 40 grams – just the right size for cleaning baby's face, hands or bottom! And because you wash them afterwards, you're not creating any waste!

The VIWA washable baby wipes are handmade in Lyon in a workshop that helps people who want to get back into the workplace. They're made from organic cotton that's woven in France. 

After three years of use, they can be recycled into cloths to clean your kitchen, or whatever else you want!  

What do the names of the baby wipes mean?

  • Ayana is an African name that means "pretty flower". The pattern is inspired by one that is often seen on African wax print fabrics. 
  • Eban refers to the diamond-shaped symbol at the heart of this pattern, which represents the love and security that a home provides. 
  • Wizi is an African name that means "light", so it's perfect for this bright and radiant fabric!
  • 50% GOTS certified organic cotton, organic inks (GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified) 
  • 50% organic terry cloth (GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified: 90% cotton, 10% polyamide)  

These wipes were designed to clean baby's hands, face and bottom, but who says you can't use them to clean anything else? Of course you can! And you won't create any waste!

We recommend that you wash the wipes before using them for the first time. They can be washed by hand or machine at 30°C. Do not tumble-dry. Can be ironed on a low heat (maximum 110°C). 

If your wipes are starting to look a little old and tired, we've a simple solution to make them like new again! Twice a year, boil some water in a pan and add two dessertspoons of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda). Leave them to soak overnight, then machine wash. That's all there is to it!  

Thanks to these reusable washable baby wipes, you'll avoid using around 300 disposable ones!

These wipes should last for a good three years!

If you find that after lots of washes, they're no longer as soft as you'd like them to be, why not give them a second life?

You could use them to clean up after your toddler has eaten, or transform them into cloths for cleaning surfaces, toys, etc.   

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